Friday, September 5, 2008

"Gorgeous Darlin"

You know that old show Green Acres when Eva Gabor says....."GORGEOUS DARLING"? Well, these pictures are just that! I just started what will hopefully be my future income so that I can stay at home. ( Thanks Angel for believing in me!) I'm looking into making baby stuff for my "boutique". This is a dress that I made and doesn't Chloe Grace model it so well? If you or anyone you know would like a dress please let me know. I have other things in mind that I will be posting about soon!

I love getting close ups of her little face. Her little eye lashes just keep getting bigger and bigger. I LOVE that!
We put on shoes for the 1st time I think since she was born. She has went bare foot all summer long, so she was a little curious as to what those things were on her feet! Isn't she just so sweet though?


Anonymous said...

She looked so cute in her outfit Sunday!
Don't worry about the "pearl." My nephew had one when he was abotu 3 months old.


Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

I love these little dresses! I bet you could easily turn it into a full time business! :) Chloe is definitely gorgeous!

crzyranfan01 said...

Look at my sweet lil Chloe!! I just love that dress...Jackson saw it and said "oooooohhhhhh, baby, baby" lol...He said she's "petty" which means loves Chloe Grace!! We're ready to see her again, so we need to do her pictures since it's been cooler...c-ya tomorrow, ya'll!! "Aunt" Hiney Bo!! (hehe)