Monday, February 16, 2009

Birthday Celebration!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happppppy Birthday dear Chloe Grace, Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuu!!
The cake

The greeting table.

The star cookie decorations!

I was so surprised at the number of people that showed up to celebrate the 1st year of my babies life with us. She is such a wonderful blessing to our family and truly does complete us. She has such a sweet disposition and is happy almost all the time. She is so loving and really likes her "mommy" time. One of her favorite things to do is take a bath and ride on her little bunn bunn. She has learned how to wave "bye bye" can say Momma, Daa Daa, Ma Ma (Madi), Bubba, Hey!, Nuh Nuh (no). She has learned so much and is really smart. She has not started walking yet, but is into EVERYTHING! I can tell she really is going to be a hoot!

We started out opening presents....and can I just say WOW! I can't believe at the number of gifts that she got. It took two people to go through all of them at home. It was like Christmas allll over again. I wished I had more room to post all the things she got, but Blogger would prolly charge me for extra space! Timmy and I got her this "BIG" girl cup. Isn't it cute?! I got it off of (check it out!) We have not completely weaned the bottle yet, but we are working on it.

She must have loved the cup because she would not let me take it from her. Next it was time to sing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and blow out the candle. She did pretty good trying to blow it out, but she was more like "euwwhhhh, look at the light" and tried to grab the candle while it was still lit!

Good job Chloe Grace!

So we removed the top portion of the cake for her. As you can see, she didn't really know what the deal was, but she picked up quickly and figured out that it was something she could put in her mouth and it tasted pretty good!

Is this how I do it mom? YUMMMO!

Think she is enjoying herself?

I think so! She got pretty excited that she could make a mess and eat as much of that cake as she wanted to, and boy did she eat a lot of it!

"What? You want some of my cake? No way buster, get your own! DIS IS MINEEEE!"

As you can see, there wasn't much left! For those of you out there freaking out, no she didn't' eat ALL of it, but she did put a hurtin on that cake of hers!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Remembering the birth of Chloe Grace Snow

I remember that day oh so well. I had a scheduled c-section at around 8 Thursday February 14, 2008. I was anxious about what the experience would be like compared to my first. I just remembering praying that God would just give me complete peace and thankfully He did. We were so excited and ready to finally meet our sweet active baby girl. : At 8:27 a.m our beautiful baby girl was brought into this world.

At first we did not hear much noise and for any mother giving birth, that can be kind of a scary thing. I heard a lot of commotion behind the big blue curtain, but didn't hear baby girl crying!

The worked on her for a while, for me it seemed like eternity..........

I heard them patting and "beating on her trying to get her to make some kind of sound. I was getting sorta worried, but I just prayed quietly as I waited.

After patting, sucking, rubbing and patting some more.....I finally heard the sweet sweet noise I had waited for so long to here. Everyone in the room was excited and let out "wheewww" and " there ya go, good girl"

The doctors checked her over listening to her heart and her lungs. The nurse said she was absolutely beautiful and had a head full of black hair. One of the nurses yelled out " we have 10 fingers and 10 toes!!

I was so overwhelmed with emotions when they finally brought my sweet angel to me. I could not BELIEVE how different she looked compared to her big brother. I could instantly tell she looked like a Snow!!!

The nurse brought her closer to me so that I could kiss her sweet little face. She was so soft and warm. Being able to finally see her and just take it all it, I just can't tell you how that made my heart feel.
I can't help but giggle a little remembering this particular part. The nurse that was holding her laughed at Chloe Grace because she had made a "mess" all in the blanket and had to change her not once but twice while she held her. I'm so thankful for the nurse that offered to take the pictures of the whole thing!! I didn't not have that opportunity with Ethan so I missed a lot of what it was like.

Timmy just kept saying how beautiful she was and how much she looked like him and Madi. I know he was so proud to be a daddy again. He left me in the OR after they got her all cleaned up to take her in the waiting room to show her off to everyone.

Her big sisters and brother were so excited to see her could not WAIT to get their hands on her. They sat at the nursery just watching as the checked over her, soaking it all in. The nurse posted the little card on her little bed. She was born at 8:27 am, weighed 7 pds 13 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. Compared to her brother who was 9 pds when he was born, she was tiny!

I sat in recovery for about an hour or so just waiting for the time to go by before I could actually hold her. When it was time, the nurse wheeled me down to my room. I was surprised to see my family all standing in the hall waiting on me. I figured for sure they would be by the nursery.

The time had finally come!! They brought my little one to me all wrapped up in white onsie and blanket. She smelled SO good, you mothers know that smell. I just sat.....loving on her, looking at her and thanking God that He gave such a precious baby to me. I thanked Him for a great pregnancy with no complications and a healthy perfect little princess.

You know that since it WAS Valentines Day, we just had to put her in a special pink Valentines outfit. It just about fell off of her, but we managed by rolling the waste a couple of times.

She had such a dark complexion and jet black hair, and just like the nurse said... A LOT of it. I was SOOOO happy about that. My baby girl had to have hair for her bows!!

Can you tell how happy I was??!!! Having Chloe Grace was so much easier than having Ethan, so I was able to enjoy her birth so much more. I honestly can not tell you were the time has gone. It does not seem that she should be one now. The past year has been such a blast. She has brought our family so much joy and happiness, more than we could have imagined. She has been beautiful, healthy, wonderful and happy all the year long. I could not ask for more than that.

Thank you Father God for giving us such a precious precious gift from you. Thank you for choosing and trusting us enough to be her parents. I pray you continue to help Timmy and I to be the parents you would have us to be. I pray and thank you in advance for another year of great blessings and health over not only Chloe Grace but for all of our children and family. You are so good to us Father and I thank you again. In Jesus' name I pray-Amen.