Wednesday, August 20, 2008

6 months brings new surprises!

Well, we are going to need a lot of this! ^ Chloe Grace is now 6mths old and would you know that today of all days we figure out that she has a TOOTH! April (my cousin) who keeps her during the day, told me that she was rather fussy and just would not sleep. So by the end of the day, naturally I freak out! I called the doctor and they just tell me to give her Tylenol and if that doesn't work bring her in. ( Let's take into consideration at this point I do not know she has a tooth) Wellll when I got home, I lay her down to change her diaper. We started having our normal convo when all of a sudden I spot this white thing on the side of her mouth. At first it looked like a spit bubble. Curiously, I stick my figure in her mouth and LOW AND BEHOLD.....would you know,a stinking tooth....on the SIDE of ALL places. NO wonder she was fussy all day!!! Has anyone ever heard of a jaw tooth coming in 1st?! Please comment! This picture is not the best, but here it is!


So after medication, little TLC and some much needed rest, we headed on down to Dilla's. We decided to give the ole tooth a little test drive with some avocado's. She LOVED them!!(so does her momma). She has now decided that everything you have ,she's gotta have too. She opens that lil bird mouth, reaches our her hands and leans into whatever it is that you are having!

I like putting these pictures into little clusters. I can't ever just choose one picture that I like to show off. Anywho, so we had to do something about that "green slim" on her into the tubby tub for some splashing! She is really coming around to taking a bath. She loves to "eat" the rag and kick her little feet. Tonight was the 1st night that we tried the sittin up position. She did rather well when she held onto the side. I gotta get this girl a hot pink rubber ducky!

My sweet little baby girl is now 6 mths, and I must tell you, it is such a joy to have a girl. It doesn't seem right that she should be this "old". Time sure flies by so quickly. She is getting so big, "talking more", expressing herself and discovering new things that she can do with out the help of anyone else. She is such a bundle joy!! God has certainly blessed us!!
So here she is at 6 months!

She really did not feel good here in these pictures. Her little mouth was hurting!

As I said before, Chloe Grace has decided that her new things is now eating! I guess it all makes since now! This picture was actually taken before all the drama. Can you guess what we're eating.....can someone say soft chocolate chip COOOKIE! Would you look at the determination on her face! Now this is serious business people!

Play dates and silly faces!

Take a hint, a sign whatever you want to call it. I think my chickie poo is teething. Don't you think? She has cleverly figured out how to take the paci out of her mouth then place it back inupside down, then brilliantly turning it around so that it's in right. She's one smart cookie!

I would say just a little bit!

This is Kameran, my nephew and Chloe Grace's 1st official "play date" Can you tell she is already a little territorial?!

Would you look at this face!?? How funny is she. You just about have to do stuff you would NEVER do in public to get THIS face outta her. She is such a silly willy when she wants to be though...little stinker!


I can't seem to remember how to blog correctly. I always get the order wrong. So lets try another post and see how that goes!

60 years and counting!

Ok, so I'll think I'll close this particular post with this picture of sweet Chloe Grace. I did not take this picture on the same day, but I had to add it. I thought it was worth sharing. Such a sweet baby!

Can we say....Dorkfish! LOL I love him though...still my favorite brother!
This is my brother Anthony (what you can see of him, I'll get a better one in a sec) Anywho, aka Uncle Bubba. He and Ethan have a very special relationship. My brother is still young and not looking to make a family anytime soon, so he is still just a big kid. Ethan is always hanging all over him and doing silly stuff like this!

We'll let "pea-paw" still a little glory here. How sweet is this picture?! He calls her his lil tator cute uh!?

And now for the whole clan! Well almost, we're missing a few.....

Mamaw always is fussin' because we don't get down there much....I guess I would rightly have to agree if I were missing out on this little pretty girl!

Here are the two love birds now! Two peas in a pod don't ya think!?! On this day, we were headed to Mer Rouge. My grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary! Yep! I said it....60 blissful years! I pray that God blesses Timmy and I with that many years, or should I say that many years without killing each other! LOL Just kidding sweety! I love you <3

I feel lost now, its been so long since I blogged! Ok, so let see...We'll start with these. This is Chloe Grace and her daddy sleeping. I love this picture because Chloe Grace looks so peaceful and content :) She loves her daddy!