Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's fall.....what does that mean?!

Well hello folks!

So, what does fall mean? Crisp cool mornings, beautiful sunsets, green leaves turning bright colors of orange, red and yellow, football, pumpkins, the buzz of Christmas around the corner out all the junk you've collected over the year!!!

Come visit us this Saturday for our annual GARAGE SALE! That address is 104 Brandon Circle/ Indian Lakes from 6am-12pm. Also, if you like garage sales, be sure to visit Team Jake ......they are also having a garage sale this Saturday. This isn't any ordinary sale...... NOPE, they are donating the moneys to St. Judes. SO get your hiney's up and out of bed and come on out to support a good cause!!!! You can visit for more events.

Just fyi, I've seen a BIG sign out on Arkansas road with the details. Contact me if you have any questions! Thanks!!! See ya Saturday!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Making memories.....

I have a lot of pictures from the weekend I wanted to post, but my camera died on me, so for today I will share this picture of Chloe Grace and Timmy at the annual CenturyTel Picnic. This picture shows the special moments that make memories so sweet. She is such a precious baby and you can tell it in this picture. I think Timmy just soaks in the little things like this that she does because most of the time she is a momma's baby! I hope you all have a great day. God is good!