Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Big girls now

It can be some what challenging at times to get the girls together for pictures, but here is one that is priceless, just hanging out with dad.
Madi looks 1/2 grown and Tiffany is just as silly as ever. Hence, the funny "REAL" smile on Madi's face. I won't repeat what Tiffany said! ;)

Growing Up

My handsome man is getting so big. He will start his exciting year at Drew Elementary in Kindergarten on the 20th. He is super excited about going and even more excited that he gets to ride the yellow cheese wagon. Mom on the other hand, it’s NOT so excited. He becomes more and more independent and that just brings ALL kinds of emotions out. It's hard seeing him grow up, but in the same since such a joy.

Some more 1st timers!

This past week Chloe Grace had a couple of her "1st's" We had VBS and momma had to teach crafts, so tator bug (aka) Chloe Grace went to the nusery! A 1st! She had a really good time playing with Jada and looky looky....she's in the walker ( another 1st). She scooted backwards a lot and was VERY interested in all the pretty pretty's that were attached. Precious!

Momma bought me this fish and I luvs it. I give it lots and lots of "kisses" See....just like this! :)

Grubbin time

Grubbin time...good ole sweet-tators!

Hey ..come back here...

Playin with my duck-uck!

All by myself..... like I know that I'm running WAY behind on pics and I have a lot to I'll start out with these. Chloe Grace decided it was time to take matters in her OWN hands! Notice how she holds the end of the bottle and not the sides!? I can't believe she is already big enough to do this :(