Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer time fun!

Fun in the sun baby!!! Saturday evening we we're invited to a birthday party in Strop City by one of my friends that I grew up with. We don't get together as often as we would like, but it was so good and fun to see her and her family again! When we arrived, Chloe Grace went straight for the play room and came out with this little ketchup bottle and wouldn't let go of it on the way outside!

OH but wait!! What is all that going on over there???!

That's "EEEEEEEEEEE" and "T" on that big blue thingy! I wanna do it too!

SOOO off we went and got our "kini" on and off we went! Would you just look at that belly? She don't miss a meal that's for sho!

Fun in the water! She LOVES the so much that if you go outside without her, she pitches one heck of a fit!

We've lost the bow at this point, so I guess she's ready to get brave and get after it!

YAY!! I'm almost at the big water thingy with the rest of the kids, but this little puddle will do for now!
So eventually Chloe Grace found her way to the "baby" slip and slide and boy, did she love that!

This is Luke, he is about two weeks younger than Chloe Grace. It's so funny because his dad and my dad are about the same age and Crystal and I are about the same age and have kids so it's just a little strange, but he is so stinkin cute!!

This water is so much fun!

Luke cracked me up! He would get so tickled when the water would shoot up in his face. He would just laugh and cut up!

OH here comes Ethan down the slide...he moved so fast I just barely got the tail end of him!

So he gets off, and here he comes over. I'm trying to get a cutsie picture of him but he insist that he MUST tell me about how FAST and how AWESOME he was coming off that slide!

"and I was at the top and then....."

"whewwwwsssshhhhhh, I came flying down like a torpedo and it was so cool and it was so fast..and and andddddd"

"it so so totally cool and I want to do it again...and uhmm ..well,...uhmmm I want to do this all day"

and here is is again, after about the 30th time going down the slide! I must say, I wished I had my suit I would have went down that sucker too!

So after the fun slide, it was then time to go grub on some NELA Johnny's pizza! MMMMMM UHMMMM, sho is good!

It didn't last long as you can see. Chloe Grace has a new fetish....and it's putting on any and every shoe she sees fit to put on! She was trying on all the kids shoes for size!

She was standing up trying to put this shoe on and lost her balance and over she went. She didn't try to get up, she just laid there playing with the shoe! LOL

I think it's sweet and so fun to see all the new things she is doing and trying! She will be 17 mths on the 14! I can hardly believe it! Thanks Crystal for inviting us! We had a blast and can't wait to get together again! Oh, and Happy Birthday Rachael!!!!!