Monday, April 6, 2009

Big D Marathon 2009

I'm not sure where to start on this blog, there are so many things that I want to say, but just can't find where I need to start first!! We loaded up Saturday around lunch time and headed West on I20 to Dallas. The weather was beautiful and just so peaceful.

We arrived in the big "D" around 5 ish and was able to catch these pictures while driving. I always like to visit other cities , just makes you realize that there are so many different places and things to see in this world. So, once we arrived we met Jimmy, Sheila and the kids at the hotel, got dressed and headed out to carb up at Maggiano's Little Italy restaurant. After dinner we headed back for some rest and sleep to be up by 5 Sunday Morning. We woke up several times through out the night because the wind was blowing so hard. Now, I'm thinking in my mind, "OH Lord please don't let it rain!" Thankfully, the Lord answered my prayers on the rain part..... now, on the wind and cold, well I believe He was defiantly testing us. So we got up, got dressed and headed out to the FairPark to get ready for the race. Timmy and Jimmy had to start at a different spot than me because they started earlier. I finally found my place with all the other 5K'ers and waited for the start. I can not tell you how cold it was or how brutal that wind was, but I was not at ALL prepared for it. The day would have been perfect for running if the wind were not blowing at "100 mph"!! So off I went, I ran and I finished, THANK YOU JESUS!!! Afterwards, I called Sheila to meet up with her so that we could drive to meet the boys at the 20 miles marker.

We waited about 25 minutes and then looky at who came around the corner! I think he was happy to hear and see me shouting for him! 20 miles is a longggg way!
I HATE that this picture was blurry, but I think he was really excited. I asked him how he felt and he said great. Only 6 more miles to go. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!
Not long after Timmy passed, here-a-come Jimmy. Looking good Jimboni, looking good. Keep it up not long now!!
So as the boys passed us, we jump back in the car and head back to the finish line. While we were waiting I got this picture of Anne Marie. She's getting to be such a big girl!
Mom forgot a hat, so we had to improvise. Sheila made the comment that she looked like a little Russian woman, she is cute no matter what she had on her little head! At least she was warm.
So, we had just enough time get out the car, run Jackson to the restroom and head back outside to the finish line. Sheila stayed up towards the front and I got back at the end so I could try to get good pictures. It wasn't very long and look who came trucking down the gate?!
Look at him go!!! I believe he was waving at Jackson.
Almost thereeeeeeeee!
YOU'RE FINISHED! Grab that metal and be proud you just finished 26.2 miles!! And under 4 hours! GREAT JOB! So proud of you!
Not even 5 minutes later Jimmy came trucking through too. Looking good Jimmy, just a few more steps!
Looks like he's done this a couple of times uh? Good strong finish Jimboni, AWESOME finish! You did great!!!
The rest of these are self explanatory. Just some pictures of us with our men! So very proud of their accomplishments. This was Timmy's 1st full marathon. He finished within the top 100!! Out of 38 men in their age group, he placed 8th. This was my 1st 5K. I finished in 41.53. Not bad for about a week of training on the treadmill!

Philippians 4:13
I can do all things through him who strengthens me.
Awesome picture of the boys.
The wind was STILL blowing! LOL
This is a really great picture of all of them together. This was Jimmy's 7th full marathon. That is 183.4 miles to be exact, not to mention all the running he does to train to be ready for these marathons. Jimmy finished # 11 in his age group out of 38 men. Awesome job Jimmy!
What an awesome memory and accomplishment for both of them to share together!

I've noticed that great friendships and bonds are made with people you don't even know or just may have met.....I believe this is because you are all striving for the same goal. In my eyes prospective, it almost seems as if they all support each other without having say a single word! Maybe it's because they know what a big deal it is to accomplish such a huge goal and to have ran a race of this magnitude. Just a pretty cool thing I believe!

Great job Timmy and Jimmy! Keep it up! You are inspiring so many to do such great things.

Love ya'll!

2 Timothy 4:7

7I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

Thank you to all of those who supported us and prayed for all of us on this trip. You really don't know what it means to our family!