Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover Pads

 Nails Nails Nails! I paint my nails at LEAST 3 times a week. I'm obsessed! The truth is, I have to keep my nails painted. I struggle with growing nails because they are very thin and peel.I like to keep them painted to help prevent the peeling as well as keeping from picking at them. I received these nail polish removal pads from Cutex in my #GlamVoxBox. It was awesome to have gotten these because I've used them before and LOVED them. I know that nail polish remover smells in general, but these don't have a strong chemical smell. The polish comes off really easy with these and it's a one stop shop! You don't have to have cotton balls or Q-tips to get the job done. These are a must have product that I will be purchasing for myself. Thanks  @Influenster ! @CutexNails  #SoCutex #HealthyNails  #contest 

Gillette Venus review!

Another review for you! I've been a long time consumer of Gillette products. I was really excited to find that there were TWO products from them! I got a pack of Venus razors and the shaving cream! Who doesn't need those?! The one thing that I really like about these razors is that you can use them more than once. They glide easily over your skin. I've never had razor burn or experienced an nicks while shaving. The shaving cream just add to the ease of using the razor. I find that when I use the cream, it leaves my legs feeling very moisturized and soft. I'm so excited that I got this when I did. It's the perfect size to use and take with me on my cruise at the end of the month. These are really great products that I most def will be using in the future!
#ChooseToSmooth #GlamVoxBox #Influenster
I received these FREE or testing! Thanks Influenster! :) 

Not Your Mother's® Unscented Dry Shampoo.

Thanks to Influenster I snagged the GlamVoxBox and was thrilled when I opened it. I had so many great products, one of them being the Not Your Mothers Brand Dry Shampoo. I normally opt out from using dry shampoos, only because I have pretty thin hair. I've used a couple of dry shampoo's in the past but most of them leave my hair feeling gritty and even more dirty. I was on 3rd day hair yesterday so I decided to give it a try! SO here is my review:
1. It has virtually no smell. I LOVED that it didn't have an awful weird smell. That's usually the numero uno thing that turns me off about hair products.
2. I liked that it was really light weight and it didn't make my thin hair feel weighed down.
3. It has a lot of pressure and came out really easy, so I didn't have to use a ton of it to get it evenly distributed through out.
4. After using it, my hair felt fresh and really did feel clean. It seemed to have soaked up any extra oil I had and left my hair feeling soft.

I'm so happy that I was chosen to get this box! I received the products free from Influenster for FREE for testing purposes.  Thanks Influenster!