Thursday, March 5, 2009


Well I think I opened my mouth a little too soon when I made the comment that Chloe Grace had not gotten sick yet. Just a couple of weeks ago we had to take Tiffany for an MRI only to find she had a bad sinus infection, then a week later Ethan was at the dr office because he had strep throat and now Chloe Grace has RSV and an ear infections. YEEEESH! What is the deal with everyone getting so sick this year? Look at how pitiful! This picture really does it no justice as to how bad she was feeling. When I got home yesterday she had no color and just looked like she had been ran over by a mac truck.
The meds that she was given was an antibiotic, antihistamine, and breathing treatments that have to be given just about every two hours. Everyone meet "Pico" He helps us give Chloe her breathing treatments. Isn't he cute!

As you can see, no fun what so ever. She fought me a good bit at first, but today she has done a lot better.

She is kinda funny to watch, because you can tell she isn't real sure as to what is going on or what she should do with the thing over her nose, so she licks the air or trying to move her mouth like she's eating the "smoke"

So, guess that is about it from Snow land right now. We have a doctors visit at 8:30 in the morning, pray for good results.