Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My tootie fruity is 9 months old now!

Can you believe it? I can't!! On November 14th, Chloe Grace turned 9 mths old! She growing so much and learning new things daily. She is a smart lil heifer! She loves to eat just about anything and will spit her paci out FAST to get a drink of whatever daddy or momma has. She gets around good in her walker, so good that she finds ways to get to my plant to play with it. I've moved it like a hundred times and she still seems to move chairs and things to get to it! I can't wait for Thanksgiving dinner for her. It should be very interesting!
In this picture, we are doing are daily routine. Momma gets dressed while baby plays. She doesn't like to sit in the bouncy thing much anymore, so we stand around it, she likes having her own access. She finds the little bits of things on the floor to put in her mouth....and I think to myself..."I didn't see that last time I was picking up the floor, like two seconds ago!" HA!

I had more pictures and a video I wanted to load before I blogged this, but I couldn't get it to load on my computer at home. It's a dinosaur these days. It takes FOREVERRRR loading stuff. Anywho.....

This is my sweet baby sleeping in HER bed. THANK the Lord!! This is a rarity. See her pose? This is how my brother slept when he was a baby. Chloe Grace also likes for the covers to be pulled up over her head. I think she like the security. I know these are not the best pictures, but I wanted to update anyways.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Franken-tastic Friday Night

Happy Halloween to you! We had a very eventful night at the Snow house. I decided that this year, maybe try a new thing, ( hopefully a tradition) and invite a bunch of friends and family over for a chili/hot dog/frito pie dinner! I had about 30 people (including kids) come over for some good ole mingling and feasting . It's a good thing we had two pots of chili! I really enjoy entertaining and wish I had more time to do it more often. People think I'm nuts for putting so much on my "plate" but I just love it! It's what life is all about!

TOOO cute to spook don't ya think?! This lil lady bug was defiantly a sweet treat.

I must admit, she wasn't to fond of the big old black things hanging from her head. She kept trying to catch them and the preceded to swat like a cat swats a bug! You know what I'm talking about!?

I was excited that I got to make her costume this year. I didn't spend very much on it but I think it came out really cute! I LOVE the tutu's that are in style right now! I hope they stay that way for a while.

Pinky Dinky Doo is that you?! What did you do with Lauren?

Lady bug on the run!

" HOLY COSTUME PARTY, BATMAN!" Thank heavens we had our super hero's to protect us from the creepy crawly crazy creatures. (Say that 5 x's fast!) GO WEB GO!

Blinky Blinky she's our clown, if she can't make us laugh then who oh who can?! McKenzie is such a hoot. Sometimes you never know what will come out of this child's mouth!

Come on, Robin, to the Bat Cave! There's not a moment to lose!

Well howdy partner! Hey there rascal! Ready for some rootin, tootin, shootin, round em' up fun?! Yurp, let's mount up! BANG! Got a nutter one!

OH Girls just wanna have fun-un...ohh Girls just wanna have funnnnn! Didn't I say that Madi thought I was totally cool on 80's day?! She wore almost EXACTLY what I did.

Timmy asked where her costume was because she dresses like that almost everyday! Ahh these tweens!

Well, after all the excitement of painting faces, eating lots of chili, guessing who was who and taking about 15 minutes to get everyone together for this photo....we all headed out for festivals and trick or treating. I believe this was one of the best years yet! Hope everyone had a great weekend.