Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lovin big belly,piggies and wavy hair!

Well this picture really doesn't do her hair justice, BUT, I have a feelin that we are going to have some curls in the future!! Ethan's hair started out JUST like hers. Straight, growing long little strands on the side, then by a year old it started curling up like Einsteins! So what do you think?

I just love her little piggies. I don't mind that she can't wear shoes right now. Her litle feet have grown a lot but still are quiet small. I try to keep her little toe nails painted, I think its a must!

BIG belly you say? Well lettme tell ya about this! Chloe Grace LOVES to eat! Last night I decided for supper we would have cereal with bananas and apples. OF COURSE she liked it, but that wasn't enough! So she thought. I fixed her an 8oz bottle and told Timmy not to let her drink it all.....WELL, guess what she did?? Her belly looked like this!!! It was so big that her bones were sticking out and her belly button went from an "inny" to and "outty"!

I just love this picture. HONK HOOONK as daddy would say! Chloe Grace is such a sweet baby girl! This is her lovin on her daddy after bath time!

Fashion Diva?

Fashion Diva?! Jeannie, does this shirt look familiar? I know the head band doesn't! Ethan decided to take Chloe Grace back to the 80's with this headband!

Happy Birthday Papaw!

Happy Birthday Papaw!!
So I have to share this funny lil story with you. For all of you who do not know, this is my dad. THE best dad in the world! Anywho, so he doesn't get to see us as often has we all would like, so of course Chloe Grace was a little hesitant about seeing papaw. As you can see he has a hat and sun shades. I give Chloe Grace to dad and he gives her some shuggies ( aka KISSES) and lovin, WELL she just starts crying like someone has broke her heart! So he gives her back to me, I calm her down, return her back to him and she does it again! We finally figured out she didn't like papaw's prickly whiskers! It was so pitiful!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blue but blessed!

Well I guess I should have prepared myself better, but sometimes you just hate for things to change, so you put it in the FAR back part of your mind until you just HAVE to deal with it. Chloe Grace had to start going to a "in home" day care on Monday. I always say things happen for a reason and it's always God's perfect timing. I've been wanting to stay home since WAY before I had her, but God I think has other plans for me right now. SO, I'm just going to keep trusting and wait for Him to lead me where I need to go. For now, here is my sweet angel "praying" while she sleeps. I love her SO much!