Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkins, Fall Festivals and sweet treats!

Well, last weekend we went to our local pumpkin patch. This is something we do each year, however, I believe last year it had flooded rain so much that we didn't go. I remember them having to put the pumpkins up on crates.

So you will notice the blur in some of these pictures. This is because my camera lens got scratched at the beach this summer. Chloe Grace wasn't much in the mood for the patch this year. It was after lunch in the heat and that usually equals fussy two year old. I made this big ole head "gear" (that's for you Nik) for Chloe Grace to match her outfit that I also made.
See the fussy two year old?! .....and the blur? GRRRRR

My Ethan, my sweet sweet Ethan. He is getting at the age where he could really care less about "cheez'n" for the camera. He used to be all about it, but he is "big" boy now.

She really didn't care, can you tell?

So after the patch we headed to Drew School Fall Festival. Ethan is a student in the 2nd grade. We love Drew. Anyhow, our 1st game we played was the cake walk at Ethan's request.
And would you guess who won the very first cake?!!! Would you look at that "don't take a picture of me" smile? :)

So we headed outside to the petting zoo. Chloe was thrilled. She wanted to pet and hug every animal that was there. Like this giant tortoise.
And this billy goat

and she even got to feed the baby moo cow

After being in the heat, we decided to head back in and get our face painted. Chloe Grace chose a paw print. GO BOBCATS!

And just for good measure, we tried another pic with the camera before we left. I think she is still the cutest baby girl ever!

Moving on to the sweet treats. I've made about 200 of these in the last two days, and I've got about 45 more to make tonight. I really do enjoy doing them and they are so yummy!
Here are the pumpkins. These were from last year. This year, I had no faces on them because I could not get the icing to dry.

My newest creation...the witch hat :)

and the one eyed monster!

Don't forget about the mummies. I think these are my favorite!

And here they are all packaged up and ready to be served at a party. I plan on trying to do some for Thanksgiving, but I'll let you know on that after I finish these 45 more I have to do tonight.
Happy Halloween everyone!