Friday, October 9, 2009


Well soccer is officially started. This was Ethan's second game. The rain here in LA has made it hard to do anything!
This night we were playing a team that has yet to be beat. There coach was quite the vocal type and I heard they practice EVERY day of the week!
Here is goes, running for that ball. He is so competitive and sports comes so naturally to him. I'm glad that he loves sports so much. Maybe it will keep him out of trouble in the years to come!
Full speed ahead! Watch out!!

He tries so hard to make a goal....he runs as fast as his little heart can!
This is running backwards. Now that takes some skill!
Half time huddle!

Would you look at the intensity in his face? He is gonna stop at nothing to kick that ball out of the way from the other team player!

A little one on one time with Coach. It's a good thing he chose soccer as a sport because he can't stand still! He is so antsy and has to be doing something at every minute or he gets board. Coach was giving him a little "instruction" on where his position was and where he needed to stay!

Go ETHAN GO! Shoot it ....shoot it...IN the GOALLLLLL!!! ( that's me yellin"
The boy in the yellow shoes is the coaches son. He is really good!
Jordan is also really good. He made 3 out of our 5 goals at our game! GOOOOO JORDY! He and his family go to our church and he and Ethan get a lot pretty good!
The Coaches son and Ethan discussing their next goal tactic!

Run that ball!

Nothing like some good sportsmanship at the end of the game. These boys played a hard and good game!
All the boys lined up for a picture. Isn't that just a sweet site! Building memories here folks!