Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!
I hope your day was filled with lots of love, fun family time, peace, and the joy of celebrating Jesus's birthday.

The Snow's

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Trusting God.....

Please say prayers for our family. We had a very sudden and unexpected passing of my grandmother yesterday. This has been so heartbreaking, but we are trusting God even though we do not understand. Thank you.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Bitter Sweet

Ever had those very bitter but sweet moments in life? I can't count on one hand how many I've had, but they do come and sometimes I believe that it's just God's hand working in our lives, pushing us into something new and remembering the past.

Well, today is just one of those days for me. Today is the last day at my "old" job. I've been at CenturyTel for almost 5 years now in the Support center. I started in toll, then to the Exceptions team and now in the 911 group. At first thought "OH Lord, what did I get myself into", but over time, I really loved working the functions and working with the people in my groups. I have made some really dear friends that have touched my life in so many ways, and a couple of them who really have become BEST friends to me. They've loved me and cared for me unconditionally through the years.

So where am I going you may wonder. I'm just moving on to something new. It's still within CenturyTel, but I'll be moving over to the Corporate building starting Monday. I am very excited and anxious about working in a new environment and with a new group of people. My hubby is there too and says that it's just a great place to be. We will get to eat lunch together and car pool again. I do miss that time with him.

With that being said, I'll leave leave these few words for them:

I know that God has a very unique and great plan for each one of us, all we have to do is BELIEVE that all things are possible in Him, be obedient and follow. Working here has been such a blessing for me and I will not be able to replace the relationships that I have made. Thank you to all of you that made my life here a littler easier, those who were kind, loving understanding and helped me whenever I needed it. ( which was often). Each one of you have helped me grow in so many different ways, being of great support. I will be forever grateful for those who have made my life a little better each day. I pray that you just continue to be positive, patient and be encourager's for those here now and those that come along just has you have done for me. Thank you for all that you have been in my life for the last 5 years. I wish you many more great days and don't ever be afraid to "get your feet wet". Trust God, be faithful and he will richly bless your life beyond measure. You will truly be missed!

Much love and God bless!


Monday, December 8, 2008

Who Dat Say They Gonna Beat Them Saints?

Well....we made it back and I must say I had a FABulous time with my hubby. It was really nice to just enjoy each others company and chill out with no worries for the weekend. With that being said, lets see what happened...... I love the Fleur DE Lis. I have them all over my house and also think that it's a neat symbol for our Saint's team.

Oh who is this gentleman? Timmy, Timoteo', the beast, my hubby. We had a really nice drive down there. The weather was perfect and we got to talk with out kids interrupting! I was so proud of the fact that he actually drove, ( most of the way). It was nice to be able to just ride.

Hello there!

We left around 1:30 Saturday evening. I thought it was really neat to see the sun setting over Lake Pontchartrain as we drove over. We missed the really good shot of the sun over the lake because Timmy couldn't get to the camera in time. (I was driving at the time), but I do believe we got some good pics. Isn't it pretty?!

Not him........( well he is handsome) but I was talking about the sun......see.....?

I like this one most of all. I love the old cypress tress with the moss hanging down. I really love the Louisiana heritage and all the things that make our state really unique. I took Louisiana History in 6th grade and it was my favorite history class because there is just so much to our start to learn about.
We ended Saturday night at a restaurant called Serrano's salsa. It's a classy little Mexican place in Metarie. I decided to try something different and chose the fish tacos....and OH MY HEAVENS! IT was SOOOOO good. I've been craving them every since then. They have some really good salsa to. After a nice dinner, we went to the movies and then headed back to my sister in laws for some sleep. It was really nice to sleep ALL the way through the night! :)

Well, this is us at the Saints game. This picture is an "attempt" of mine to get a pic together at the came. Looking around us, I was too "nervous" about asking someone to do it for us.

We had really good seats, and we ought to have considering the cost of them! We were in the plaza level in the right hand corner. It really was a good position to be in.

Think he is happy about his early C'mas present?

Here are a few shots of the opening where all the players come out. See the sparks, confetti and air balloon thingy's?

This picture is of the coin toss and guess who won? Yep you guessed it..US....well not "us" but the Saints.
This blurry picture, but some what decent one, is of Bush getting the 1st touch down of the game. It was so awesome to be in that atmosphere. Can you see him?

OK...this I just had to take it. This dude was so funny. If you have never been to a pro football game, well then you would not know just how serious and CRAZY people are about the game and "their" players. This guy was dressed in some kind of "MOSES" get up.

Do you know who this is?

If you didn''s Drew Bree's.
These are just random plays.

Anybody know who this is? # 25?

I'll give you a hint....look at the 1st touchdown comment.

Jimmy, Timmy's twin brother called a couple of times. Here he is talking. Still smiling.

I tried to get a good shot of all of the players in a huddle. I believe this was the Saint's 1st time out. Who all can you see in this one?

If you didn't know, you should know by now, but the Saints did win! HALLELUJAH! The didn't win the last game, so I was really concerned and worried that we were not going to win this one. It was a really close game, but Pierre pulled through for us and it was an awesome win. Here are all the guys out on the field after the game.

And the final score......

Merry Christmas Timmy, I love you and had an awesome time being with you for the weekend. I hope you liked and enjoyed your present.



Friday, December 5, 2008


One more day....just one more day until we head for the Big Easy! WHEEWWW what a week it has been! I am really excited and anxious to get to spend a weekend ALONE with my hubbbbba hub! I believe you me, I surely deserve it! I thin you need that time together every once and a while :)
Think we should make some signs like this one??? This dude looks hard core .....

Wait...what about this dude?
Isn't it crazy how people do when they are passionate about something....uhmm what a thought! Make sure you watch the game on Sunday. The Saints take on the Atlanta Falcons. I pray its a good game!! Maybe you'll see us on the big TV!! Have a great and safe weekend!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A legal form of child "abuse"!

Hello My name is Scout and my friend Chloe Grace is about to get her ears pierced. Her mom was too chicken to get them done by herself, so she asked my mommy to come help her out. Ms. Amy told my mom that she feels that this is about as legal of child abuse as it gets. I think she is crazy myself.....but don't tell her that. When we meet up, Chloe Grace sure was grin'n!! Isn't she cute?.....little does she know what is about to go down!

Nikki, (my mom) takes Chloe Grace in the store and sits down in the chair. Ms. Amy takes me out in the mall to walk around. We looked at the big carousel that went around and around and around. It felt like we were out there FORever!

The lady you see in the picture, she was really nice about getting Chloe Grace's earrings together.....however, I don't believe Chloe thought she was so nice after the first "punch" in the ear!

I remember when I got my ears pierced. I believe I made a face like this when I got mine done. It's rather stressful, but my mom says it's over in a flash, bring a tassi!

Mommy told Ms. Amy that she had to hold Chloe Grace's head down. It looks pretty bad at this point. It's a good thing Ms. Amy had me outside in the mall walking around. I just don't think she would have followed through.

Oh my, oh my!! This doesn't look good!

Whew! It was finally over. Thank goodness. I was tired of watching that carousel go around and around and around. Chloe Grace was ok once she seen her momma, and I think Ms. Amy survived and really liked them after it was all said and done
I tried to explain to her that everything would be ok, but she would need to make sure her momma cleaned her ears realllll good. I love my pretty earrings and I think my friends turned out pretty too. What do you think?

Christmas came early this year......

OK OK OKKKKKK!!! I have like the most wonderful news! NO, I'm not pregnant! HA!! SO you know there is a story with everything I have to tell, so here goes. Thanksgiving day was great...REALLLLLY great. My dad's side of the family came over to my house this year for turkey and all the fixin's. There was so much food....but DUH!............ it's Thanksgiving right??!! After eating and looking at the sales paper, me, my brother and hubby, went out to get a C'mas tree. We went with a real one this year for the 1st time ever! I finally gave in to my loving hub :) here is the wonderful news. Later in the afternoon, we went over to Timmy's twin brothers to hang out and sit outside around their new fire pit they got from the in-laws for Christmas. While we were there, I decided to go ahead and give Timmy his 1st present for Christmas. Why would I do that you might ask? Well because, it's for the SAINTS GAME in New Orleans this weekend. HE flipped out!!! He's been knowing for a while that he needed to take off work for December 8th, but that was only to confuse him and not to give it away.
Would you look at that smile?

Looks like a kid in a candy store!!

Can you believe this will be our FIRST Saints game? I cannnnnnnnnnn't wait. We leave Saturday for the Big Easy :)

There is another side of the story........
Little did I know, he had already gotten MY "big" Christmas present. He insisted that I needed to have it now!! I argued that I wanted to wait until C'mas day, yadda yadda ...... but after he bugged the whoooooo out of me , I finally but hesitantly gave in....and GUESS WHAT IT WAS??????!!!!!!


Can you guess by the bag and the CRAZY look on my face? I had no wrapping paper, box or tissue paper to look through this time........he just gave it to me......I believe my exact words here were "ARE YOU SERIOUS??!

Drum roll if you please.......
A NOTE BOOK......but not the paper kind!!! :) SEEEEE????????????
Can I tell happy I was/am?!! I've been asking a really long time for one, but never did I dream that I was going to get one. Our kids have always came 1st, and I just feel that's the way it should be, but God knew my heart and worked it all out for Timmy to be able to get it for me.
May I add...... I don't care if I don't get anything else for C'mas. I am just happier than pig in poop! GLORYYYYYYYYYY! Yes Pastor I went there!!!
I know that's not a good expression, but that's all I could think of at the moment. I LOVE IT!! LOVE IT LOVE IT! Now, if I could learn photo shop I'd be on to something!
Also, that isn't just the best add to it and to make it the best-EST news........ I got the job I applied for!! Isn't God so great!?
MERRY CHRISTMAS 28 days early!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Day of Thanksgiving!

Have you ever wondered why we save saying " Happy Thanksgiving" for that one day of the year?? I've often wondered how that one day in November must have been. Ya know, the story of the Pilgrims and Indians?? Why that one day?? decided that TODAY is the day we will be Thankful? What a thought uh? To be honest, I don't believe it was JUST that day. I believe it was more like a celebration for alllll the days that they were grateful for and blessed with.

I have so many things that I am thankful for. Do you?? God has truly blessed me and my family. He has opened so many new doors for us this year. He knows EVERYthing I need and it doesn't just stop there.....He knows MY every hearts desire. He knows exactly what is best for me...lil ole me. I've learned that stepping out in faith will bring you abundant blessings. That is an awesome feeling my friends!

Can you remember the last time you poured out your heart thanking God for your marriage, husband, wife, children, family, job, health, friends, food, home, Jesus!????

As you spend time with you family tomorrow, try not to get caught up in the "holiday", take a moment just to be thankful. Have a little more grace with "those" family members, hug a few more necks, speak kind words, and share your stories of thanksgiving. Remember that we should give thanks in ALL circumstances, even in the hard times.... we have eternal life and so much more because of Jesus Christ.

“Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NAS)

“Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.”1 Thessalonians 5:18 (NIV)