Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Memaw's 89th Birthday party

There are not enough words to say how many things I want to about this woman. I love her so much and realize that I don't spend enough time with her. She has always been a strong influence and has one heck of a "back bone"!! On this 20th day in October we celebrated another wonderful year with my sweet great grandmother.
"oh how purrrty"

Isn't that just the sweetest face you've ever did see?

Gosh I love her!
Chloe Grace was rather excited about the party and getting some birthday cake.

Every special event we have now I make sure that I take a picture with her because I'm never sure if it will be the last. I think we kinda look alike!! ;)

My brother and I. I didn't realize that his eyes were so squinty....I guess that we are a lot a like in this area!

Nanna and woo (AKA my mom and Chloe Grace)
I wished that all my kids got to spend more time with my parents. To be honest, since they divorced 9 years ago, it's still a hard one to swallow.

Chloe Grace waiting on some cake!!

These two are so bad when they get together. You would think that a 25 year old man would not act like he is 5 but he does and I guess that's why you get pictures like this one!

Again, a 5 year old posing for a picture. I love him this little stink pot!! Mom was just as bad, she hopped in the picture too!

This is my Granny Doll. My mom's mom. Also daugter to my memaw. She was in a bad car accident about two weeks ago now and she was on pain meds at the time. Can you tell? LOL

I think this is my favorite picture of the whole night. Madi had a report that week about the great depression. Ironic? I don't think so. I believe that God puts in the right place in the right time. She is fulllllll of such wisdom!!

We will finish up with this one. Chloe Grace finally got her cake. I say a great way to finish anything!