Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Saturday night at Semolina's

We had a really exciting time this past weekend, you might want to grab a cup of coffee and sit a bit. Ok, so here we gooooooo. Saturday morning Timmy and I drove to New Orleans for the Mardi Gras Marathon on Sunday. Now, I know most of you that read my blog are wondering why in the world would we be going to a marathon. LONG story short, Jimmy, Timmy's twin brother got him involved in running and he has been preparing for this race for about a month now. That evening, Timmy and I met with the running group at a restaurant called Semolina's to "carb" up before the big race.

Forgive me if I did not remember your name or did not officially meet/talk to you that night, but I'll do my best. On the left is David, Elizabeth, Preston and on the right is Sarah and Monty

I hate that is was so dark that you couldn't see allllllll the way down the table. I'm so sorry guys!

Here is a little bit better shot of some of the people at the table. On the left is Laney and Greg and I believe Betty?? On the right is Jimmy, Sheila and Deana and her friends from Cali.

Recognize this little feller?? Brodey man came along to help cheer his dad on!

Again, Laney and Greg, Brodey's wonderful parents

Ahwww the two love birds, aren't they so cute together?? ANYways, Jimmy and Timmy aren't looking so identical these days......wonder what is so different about them......?

We sat across from this lovely couple for dinner. This is Charlie and Taryn. They have a really cute little boy that was with them, but I didn't get a picture of him. I had a really nice time talking to you guys and hope to see you soon. We should do dinner again sometimes. :)

I believe this is the look that Greg will have at mile 10. Is that right Greg? He looks focused and pretty hard core to me!

On our way out, we decided that we needed a chick picture. You know how it is. Of course it took 3 tries before we got this one.....wait....did I say chick picture? Jimmy what do you think you are doing??!!!

Ok, so seriously, I had a really great time meeting all you guys that Timmy has been training so hard with to get ready for the marathon. I know that Timmy was really excited and anxious to just get out there and DO IT! I must confess, I did not know how serious this racing thing was until I experienced what I did the day of the race and lets just say, it was NOT at all what I expected!! I look forward to meeting up with all of you again and hopefully I will remember every ones name this time :(

Deana, I'm so sorry you were not able to run this go around, I hope that you are feeling better and NEVER have to go through that ever ever again!