Friday, January 30, 2009

Something new to get into!

Mom: "What are you doing under there missy?"
Chloe Grace: "What mommy, I pwayin don't euh see dat? I can see euh, can euh see me?"

Mom: "Yes, silly I can see you. What are you doing under there? Did you find a new place to hang out? What's that you got in your hand?"
Chloe Grace: "Yes mamm' I did! I got upt here all'd by mytelf. Aren't euh proud tuf me?? I detting to be a big gurl now, doing tuff on my own! WHAT? I don't have anyting in my hand what euh talkin bout???!
Mom: "I think you know what I'm talking about missy prissy!! Looks like daddy left his stuff out, again!"
Chloe Grace: : "Uhmm, dunno what euh talkin' bout ......hey, what's dat? Is dat a bug or a crumb? Mommy?"

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SOOOOO what did I get??

In addition to partying it up and have a lot of F.U.N, I got some really AWESOMEEEEE gifts! Since my hubby got me the best-est gift, I'm going to show it first. I was like so totally shocked, (did I sound like Malibu Barbie there?).....anywho, I have been really wanting an Ipod and he got it for me!!! Did he do good or what???!! I was NOT expecting it after getting the lap top for Christmas. What can I say he loves me AND I'm the "princess"!! Wait, make that Queen Bee!

Here's another shot. I'm really still in shock. Somebody pinch me!

Isn't this a HOT looking set of "jurwy"?? I really luv it! Angel knows how to hook a sista up!!
UHHH me some bling bling, courtesy of Laney Lou. I really dig the Fleur De lis stuff and this is a nice addition to the accessorizin' that I do daily. Gotta have yo blang girl friend!

Who in the world doesn't like Circle E candles. I mean my lawdy, they have just about any scent you can scratch and they last for-EVAAAA! This is a gift that I could get EVERY occasion and be perfectly content.

Last for certainly not the least, this too cool cutting board. Those who really know me, know that I love to cook, and I got his marble? granite? cutting board from my bro/sis-in-law. I really appreciate them thinking of something that I could really use,but honestly, they probably just wanted me to cook more for them! JUST kidding....gah!

So that's it for now I think. I also got a gift card to Kirkland's, gotta love that place too. I only wished it were bigger! Uhmm lets see what else, oh I got some moo-laa that I plan on buying for perfume and whatever else I spot and a really cute retro change purse. So, I guess that about wraps it up, again thanks for all my awesome gifts, I love them all!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

27 Years

Has it really been 27 years already?!! I know most of you are probably going "OMG, seriously shut up!" LOL, but even with that said, looking back, the years that have been given to me really have been such a blessing. Life was/is not always easy, so each day we have to count it as it where our last! (I'm still learning that!) I know that I would not be where I am today without those past 26 years.

I had a really nice surprise on Saturday night and I must brag on my hubby, he surprised me with a lot of my friends and family at Copeland's! We were supposed to eat at Tokoyo but the wait would have been at least two hours! UGH! Anyhow, I was really happy and kinda shocked to see all the people that showed up to celebrate MY birthday with me. So let me introduce you to a couple of people that I just adore and love so much. Above is my pastor (Joel)and his wife Angel (on the right) and on the left is Staci and her husband. Staci and I sing together in praise in worship at church and she has become a really great friend.

This little one needs no introduction. Sweet cutie patootie Chloe Grace. Her friend so graciously shared his teether biscuits with her. She really digged it!

Next up is Sheila and Jimmy, my brother and sister in law and on the right, Laura and French. French is Timmy's boss, but they are really good friends as well. When them two get together, well lets just say, I can't keep up in the convo!

This is Laney and Greg and their son Brodey. He and Chloe Grace are exactly 5 months a part to the day! Can you believe they were born on the same day, weighed the same and were the same length? Weird ugh!? The other little one is Anne Marie who belongs to my bro/sis-in-law.

Here is Brodey man being a big guy drinking out of momma's glass. You go BRO!
Do you recognize this handsome man? If you didn't (because he has gotten so big) this is Ethan my favorite and only son. He is such a wild one, but I love his sweet spirit. The other big "cheezer" is Jackson whom also belongs to my bro/sis-in-law. The other hoolagin is Malcolm who belongs to French and Laura. Ethan love LOVES to go hang out with him!

Lastly, the chicks. Madi, Tiffany and McKenzie. I think they really liked having a table of their owns without the stinky boys. Sometimes when I talk to them, I can't believe they are as old as they are. Time sure flies by!

To each of you that really made my birthday WEEKEND so very special and memorable, thank you!! To all those who wished me a Happy Birthday and for all the really nice gifts that I got, I thank you too!! I really had a great time and a wonderful birthday this year!