Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Brotherly Love

So I just about had a complete GOOD melt down because of something so simple. Does it ever amaze you just how God works?!??! Sometimes I just sit in awe of His goodness and faithfulness. He’s ALWAYS right on time never missing a beat.

I’m sure that every sibling relationship is different. Some are really close, not so close, or in the middle. My bother and I are kinda in the middle. I am the older one of the two of us and a little more mature. Growing up I was the “mother hen” and he was my little “chick” He was very quiet and to himself a lot. I on the other hand was loud and always getting into something, imagine that! We just really are on two different levels in the terms of life, goals and what we wanted in life. We try talk at least every other week, even if it’s just a quick “Hey”. He is very close to my heart and I love him so much. Sometimes I don’t think I tell him enough, but I make sure that I tell him before we get off the phone or as he is leaving that I love him.

Today, he surprised me with something so simple but brought such joy to my heart. To be honest, I was really surprised and had to do a double take. So, do you want to know what happened?

I got a text from him saying this “ Whatcha doing? Just wrote to say that you’re the best sister that I could ever have got. Love you bunches and know that God loves you to.”

How special is that?!!

Thank you Father God for your love, your faithfulness and for giving me such a special loving brother!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Laissez les Bon Temps Roulez!!!

In light of the Mardi Gras holiday and with Fat Tuesday a day away, I'd thought I would share our 1st family experience at the Krewe of Janus Parade in Monroe, La. Like my mask?? Ethan made it at school for their Mardi Gras celebration.
Well hello there handsome!!

The kids were really excited, esp the boys. BOY were they something else. Can you see the mischief in Jackson eyes?? OOHHH YEAH! I CAUGHT YA!!
They all decided that it would be fun to do "bunny ears" on each other. They just about fell off the platform. Speaking of which, I must thank my sister-in-law Sheila, for getting us "tickets" for the night. We got to "do it right" at the Krewe's Den. We had lots of good food and drinks AND got to get on the lifted platforms. ( This is awesome when you have small childrenz!)

HAHAAAAA! Silly boys

The girls just chilin out watchin the crowd down below. I think they got a few eye should have seen their facial expressions!!

There was a gentleman that was oh so nice that offered to take our picture as a family. I wished Sheila had been there to fit in the missing piece of the Snow puzzle.
Ethan wanted me to take a LOT of pictures of him and his mask. He was SO proud that he made it.

This was the 1st float that rolled on by.

Jackson caught a hand full of beads off the first float. He was super excited, but wanted to know why he didn't get more and where the rest of them where!

I thought this was neat. It was the "drivers" for the Clydesdale horses. There were two men and their cute little Dalmatian dog sitting in between them. I just thought it was neat.

And here they are will all their ENORMOUS glory!! These are such beautiful creatures to me. I mean would you look at those "feet"??!

By this time, Ethan is racking up! I really don't think he grasped what the whole thing was about, but he sure was having fun!

This was another float that came by. I thought the butterfly was pretty.

The girls were so funny. They brought plastic sacks to keep all the loot in, but they both broke because that had it stuffed it to the gill. They just kept saying, "LOOK AT ALLLL THE STUFF I'VE GOT!!" "These beads are hurtin my neck!"

So anyways, this was our fun time at the Mardi Gras. For all you folks partyin' it up down in NOLA, be careful and stay safe!