Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Flash Back!

OK, so lets face it, STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART.... I know that I am still FOREVER YOUNG, but I WAS born in the 80's. I don't remember much, but THE BIGGEST PART OF ME remembers the tight rolled jeans and the tights with HUGE-nourmas bows in my hair, but WHY WORRY, I think I pulled it off!! Madi thought I was totally cool. This past week was Customer Service appreciation and I STILL BELIEVE that 80's day, was the one day that a lot of people participated! It was a blast from the past! I CAN'T WAIT til next TIME!! HELLO, HAVEN'T WE BEEN HERE BEFORE? Nope...must have been the RED RED WINE talking...... hey..... LET'S DANCE! You know we share this CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE! Ryan is a really good friend of mine!
These two were real HEARTBREAKER's. THEY DON'T KNOW how great that hair was for the day....... and guess what?! It's coming back, so HANDLE WITH CARE!

This is Ryan and Mandy. Mandy one the best dress for the day. She is the new STRANGER IN TOWN for our group. THE SEARCH IS OVER I think. She and I fit in perfectly on the team.
SAM SAM, Hey girl!! She is such a SHINING STAR! JUST BETWEEN YOU AND ME, THE LOOK...It ROCKS! This is my BRILLIANT DISGUISE. It took a lot of effort to get that hair to stand up just right. Notice the fingerless gloves? I'm no Material Girl, but I can tell ya one thing.....I can WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN? Can you? Just make sure you KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF!
Next up....Heather and Ryan. Heather wasn't TOO SHY to break out the two toned wig. I think she was in some kind of Twilight ZONE. Ryan really was SO ALIVE in this outfit. She was REMINISCING on her days with her sister in the 80's.
Cherie Cherie fo fanny, banana fanna fo fanny, fee fi fo fanny, Cherie! Wasn't she PRETTY IN PINK?!

NIKKKKIIIIII! This is another one of my very best-est friends. She had some ON FIRE rocker hair don't ya think! ! A GIRL LIKE YOU, well, they are few and far between. We all have DREAMS, but I believe hers is to be a PRIVATE DANCER!
MICh-sha sha and Kelly....well these GIRL'S JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN! They showed some of there TRUE COLORS that day.
So what do you think? MY OH MY..... I really had the TIME OF MY LIFE. It was a lot of fun. I hope that next year will be even better. I think I might even try the MR. ROBOTO next year! I'll just have to take it STEP BY STEP.....WORD TO YA MOTHA!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Remember this picture?! Well guess what this picture got Miss Chloe Grace!? She WAS placed # 10 in the news star baby of the year contest. Last week the posted a leader board with the babies that were in the top 12. She was placed # 10 at the time. Unfortunately, this allowed parents to get on the ball and get more people to vote for there babies. I was not aware of this at the time, so now, I'm sad to say that she will not be featured in the calender or named one of the top 12 for 2009. I did not know that the contest was still in action the day they posted the leader board. The website said that today( whatever day that was last week) was the final day and I thought she was placed. Anywho, I am really upset about it but, I know that she is a beautiful baby and that is all that matters. Thanks to all of you who voted for my sweet baby girl and to you Becka for taking such an awesome picture! God Bless.

Looky Looky at my toofy!

OK....HEREEEEEE it is. Can can you see them? I know back a little while ago I was saying almost the same thing, but we were deceived! This time folks is the real thang! ! Presenting these two beauties was not an easy task as you can see, but we did it! Time for some good ole nubbin biscuits and cookies!
Chloe Grace is 8 months old today ( by date) I can't believe how much she has grown. It seems that each day she does something new. We still are not crawling, but had to lower the bed this Sunday! :( I told my sister in law ( who is due to have lil Ann Marie in 5 weeks) that she needed to hurry up and get her here because I was getting baby fever! Ain't I crazy...somebody slap me!

OH and just to mention....JUST because she has a LSU outfit on doesn't mean she is a boy! HELLOOOOO see the bow?!
Anywho....she has such a sweet smile don't you think? She just loves to play with her brother and sisters. She really thinks her brother is the silliest thing EVER!

See that sweet smile behind that tassy? I believe we will have problems trying to pry this thing away in the future, we will worry about that for now...IT'S A MUST HAVE!