Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hangin out at home

Well, hopefully we are over all the sickness! Madi was the only one out of the four that hasn't been taking meds for the last 4 weeks. These are just some random pics of life at home while we were quarantined.
Chloe Grace is defiantly getting braver everyday. She is now 13 mths old as of Saturday. (still not believing it) One of the days we were home the weather was really nice so I opened up the house to allow the air to flow, next thing I know, miss thang is doing this!

One foot over the other! She was very precise in the way she maneuvered her feet over the door way.

I would say, "CHLOE GRACCCCCE", she would turn around look at me then go at it again. She was determined to get outside!

SUCCESS!! She made it, all by herself. She really was sick in this picture, but for some reason our kids don't act like they are sick when they are awake. Any of you have that issue?

She is really into eating all things as well. She really digs her milk, oatmeal, cookies, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, Cheerios, sweet peas, chicken and GRITS! She had them all over the place, but unlike mashed potatoes, these are a LOT easier to clean up!


In this picture, she was feelin much better. We were getting our daily meds down and like Mo, we sit on the counter top, it just works for us. She likes taking her meds, don't know why they stink, but she did!

This is the MOST exciting thing to me right now. She is playing PEE PIE!! She is the cutest thing. She gets so excited when she does it that she almost tips herself over. LOL She really likes to play this with her big brother.

See how excited?!! Would you look at those pearly whites! She still is hangin with 8!

So this was a really sick day. Chloe Grace and Ethan were both home as you can see. They were just hanging out watching t.v. eating a snack. This picture reminds me SOOO much of a picture of me and my brother when I was little. I'll try to scan it and post it so you will see. Chloe and Ethan are so funny together.

Can you see the darkness under Ethan's eyes and those rosy red cheeks of Chloe's, they just felt terrible. I'm so thankful that we are over all the sickness now. I PRAY to the good Lord and claim in Jesus' name that they will NOT get sick again!
MO, we miss you :(