Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Morning at the Snow's

Well Santa came and brought AWESOME gifts this year!!!
What's that you got there Tiffany??

UHMMMMM....What's that you say?? A Wii??????????!!!!!!!!!! HOT DOG!!!
Chloe Grace had a great time opening presents, she would attack it, then get the paper off and precede to insert it into her mouth.....yep, just like a billy goat!

Ethan made me this sweet little Merry Christmas Santa out of his hand print. Can you see it??

Tiffany was totally in awe of her Hanna Montana guitar set. She said...." OH NO YOU DIDN'T"!!!

Ethan was so thrilled that we got him Lincoln logs. Timmy went to daddy's day with him in pre-k and they used these to build things. Every since he just HAD to have some.

I believe the sweetest and most meaningful present that was given that morning was this bear. It was given to Chloe Grace from Ethan. On the bear are two candy canes and a small note that has the meaning of the candy canes and what Christmas really is all about......Our Savior!

Chloe Grace's 1st Christmas

This is Chloe Grace's first Christmas, and I believe she really is going to enjoy the whole experience. We started out our Christmas Eve day at the house and then headed to the church that evening for a very special Christmas Eve service.I took a couple of pictures of her in her C'mas dress by the trees at the church. See that line across her nose? Well, the tv tray fell on top of her. YES! I know, bad mother, I should have known not to leave that in the living room with her pulling up on everything. ...and yeah Nikki, I should have learned from Scouts episode with the tv tray to know better!
Would you just LOOK at my sweet baby. She is always so happy and grinin'!!

Sweet sweet smile behind that "tassi". She loves that thing! Anyhow, she did good for our little photo session, however, brother was no where to be found. Little stink!


From Chloe Grace :)

Christmas Eve

We started Christmas off at my house this year. With mamaw passing, it was easier for me to do all the cooking and stuff and the rest of the family came over. We had our 1st real tree as a family this year, and since we knew Chloe Grace would be in it, we opted to just have the kids Christmas ornaments for the past instead of the "good" ones.
This year I gave all my family pictures of all of us that we took. I loved the way they turned out and I believe everyone else did too. This is my papaw. I just love him so much!

This is my uncle, (dad's brother). This Christmas was defiantly different not having mamaw.I put up extra pictures around the house so that she was with us at all times.

This was Chloe Grace's 1st official present to open. Hiney Bo....does this look familiar?? I think she likes it! What do you think?

This is my bubba opening his present from us. He needed jeans, so that's what he got! EASYYYYY!!

Dad had a blast playing with is "tator bug". It's so fun watching my parents and grandparents play with my kids. It just makes me think of how things were when I was little.

In Loving Memory

I don't really know where to start. It's been a very long and tough last couple of weeks. Almost 2 weeks ago, Saturday, my grandmother went to be with the Lord. She was 77 years old and had just celebrated her 60th wedding anniversay this past August. She was "eldery" but even with her being the age she was, this was not at all expected. She went in on a Thursday to have a very non-complicated procedure done. Everything went very well and she came out fine. Very little pain , but then she started complaining about her left shoulder hurting late Friday evening and then Saturday morning she passed. The doctors are unsure as to why, but they believe she had a heart attack. Her passing was very peaceful and for that I am so thankful. My family and I have a lot of memories that will keep her with us for many more years to come.
* I encourage you if you have grandparents, please try to spend a little more time with them. They are so precious and you never know how much longer they have left to spend with you.

Love you mamaw. <3