Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Make Over!

Well it was back to business with our monthy CHICK NITE at our church. This is really one think that I get SO pumped up and excited about! I think I've mentioned before, but it doesn't hurt to say it again..... I am SO thankful that Angel started doing this for us chick-a-dee's! Monday night's message was entitled Make Over! Sounds like fun to me! How about you?! I can always use a make over! A new hair do, a lil make-up, some new chic clothes...that is RIGHT up my alley.... LET ME tell ya! HOWEVER, this was no average make over! God really spoke to me about a lot of things in my life that I could make over. Angel sat up on the stage at a table and took off all her make for all of you that know Angel, she just doesn't do that for anyone. She goes to the gym with make up on for heavens sake!
This is the 1st passage that she started out with, 1 Peter 3:4 says
Instead, it should be the inner disposition of the heart, consisting in the imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit, which God values greatly.
I think way too many times we worry more about what we look like on the outside instead of working on what's on the inside.
Angel broke the message down like this:
(1)Moisturize- Let the Holy Spirit soften and heal your heart (2) Concealer- God covers our sins, make over your relationships and be gracious to others, LOVE people with an open heart (3) Foundation- Have a strong foundation/relationship with the Father. (4) Eyes- Make over your eyes so that God can show you as He sees you. "I am unique, because He made me, Vision- What does God have for my life? (5) Eye Liner- Line your eyes up with God, focus on His heart (6) Lips- Make over your Conversations, give up gossip talk, doubt and negativity ....and last but not least (7) Heart- Make over your heart, let go of the past, forgive and walk with the Lord....He's has great plans for your future!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Well hello there folks! Thanks to one of my VERY best friends Nikki B....NOT going there on the last portion of the last name...sorry, inside thang! Anywho, I've been telling just about everyone that I need to get out and get Chloe Grace a baby doll, HELLO every little girl should have one or two, or three....ya get the picture? So, Nik so graciously provided us with this sweet itty bitty baby doll. It's just the right size for her to chew and naw on!
Madi had a school project last night that I was helping with. It required looking for pictures from the past. I pulled out her personal album that I put together a when they were little. THERE, we found a really sweet picture of Madi at about the same age as Chloe....and OH MY GOODNESS!! They look VERY similar. I will try to scan the picture and post it so you can see!

YUMMM YUMMM, nothing like a good foot!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Welllll looky looky! This is just one of the many ways she shows me daily that she is getting to be a big girl! Timmy calls her his lil mini toddler. LOL We don't do a whole lot of tummy time :( I know I know...bad momma. I guess it's because I'm scared she is going to hurt herself on our hard floors. She still has not completely mastered setting up by herself. She does pretty good for the most part, but will get distracted and roll right on over.....BUT....when we put her down she gets after it!
WOOOPS...get up and try it again!

Look at me! "Hey, what's that on the floor?"

She does this thing where she gets on her hand and knees then rocks back and forth. It's so funny! I'm going to try to get it on video.

This is the "I've had about enough of this" look!

My papaw used to call me his "big eyes" when I was a baby and really still does. I think Chloe Grace got that from me. She has such pretty brown eyes :) She still looks like her stinking daddy!