Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SOOOOO what did I get??

In addition to partying it up and have a lot of F.U.N, I got some really AWESOMEEEEE gifts! Since my hubby got me the best-est gift, I'm going to show it first. I was like so totally shocked, (did I sound like Malibu Barbie there?).....anywho, I have been really wanting an Ipod and he got it for me!!! Did he do good or what???!! I was NOT expecting it after getting the lap top for Christmas. What can I say he loves me AND I'm the "princess"!! Wait, make that Queen Bee!

Here's another shot. I'm really still in shock. Somebody pinch me!

Isn't this a HOT looking set of "jurwy"?? I really luv it! Angel knows how to hook a sista up!!
UHHH me some bling bling, courtesy of Laney Lou. I really dig the Fleur De lis stuff and this is a nice addition to the accessorizin' that I do daily. Gotta have yo blang girl friend!

Who in the world doesn't like Circle E candles. I mean my lawdy, they have just about any scent you can scratch and they last for-EVAAAA! This is a gift that I could get EVERY occasion and be perfectly content.

Last for certainly not the least, this too cool cutting board. Those who really know me, know that I love to cook, and I got his marble? granite? cutting board from my bro/sis-in-law. I really appreciate them thinking of something that I could really use,but honestly, they probably just wanted me to cook more for them! JUST kidding....gah!

So that's it for now I think. I also got a gift card to Kirkland's, gotta love that place too. I only wished it were bigger! Uhmm lets see what else, oh I got some moo-laa that I plan on buying for perfume and whatever else I spot and a really cute retro change purse. So, I guess that about wraps it up, again thanks for all my awesome gifts, I love them all!!

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Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

Wowza!!! You made out GOOD!!! I have never touched a big ipod like that one! It looks SWEET! Timmy did good! The jewelry is rockin'! Circle E candles are the bestest! The bling is awfully nice! It suits you. :) Love the cutting board!