Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Morning at the Snow's

Well Santa came and brought AWESOME gifts this year!!!
What's that you got there Tiffany??

UHMMMMM....What's that you say?? A Wii??????????!!!!!!!!!! HOT DOG!!!
Chloe Grace had a great time opening presents, she would attack it, then get the paper off and precede to insert it into her mouth.....yep, just like a billy goat!

Ethan made me this sweet little Merry Christmas Santa out of his hand print. Can you see it??

Tiffany was totally in awe of her Hanna Montana guitar set. She said...." OH NO YOU DIDN'T"!!!

Ethan was so thrilled that we got him Lincoln logs. Timmy went to daddy's day with him in pre-k and they used these to build things. Every since he just HAD to have some.

I believe the sweetest and most meaningful present that was given that morning was this bear. It was given to Chloe Grace from Ethan. On the bear are two candy canes and a small note that has the meaning of the candy canes and what Christmas really is all about......Our Savior!

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