Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Eve

We started Christmas off at my house this year. With mamaw passing, it was easier for me to do all the cooking and stuff and the rest of the family came over. We had our 1st real tree as a family this year, and since we knew Chloe Grace would be in it, we opted to just have the kids Christmas ornaments for the past instead of the "good" ones.
This year I gave all my family pictures of all of us that we took. I loved the way they turned out and I believe everyone else did too. This is my papaw. I just love him so much!

This is my uncle, (dad's brother). This Christmas was defiantly different not having mamaw.I put up extra pictures around the house so that she was with us at all times.

This was Chloe Grace's 1st official present to open. Hiney Bo....does this look familiar?? I think she likes it! What do you think?

This is my bubba opening his present from us. He needed jeans, so that's what he got! EASYYYYY!!

Dad had a blast playing with is "tator bug". It's so fun watching my parents and grandparents play with my kids. It just makes me think of how things were when I was little.

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