Thursday, January 1, 2009

Chloe Grace's 1st Christmas

This is Chloe Grace's first Christmas, and I believe she really is going to enjoy the whole experience. We started out our Christmas Eve day at the house and then headed to the church that evening for a very special Christmas Eve service.I took a couple of pictures of her in her C'mas dress by the trees at the church. See that line across her nose? Well, the tv tray fell on top of her. YES! I know, bad mother, I should have known not to leave that in the living room with her pulling up on everything. ...and yeah Nikki, I should have learned from Scouts episode with the tv tray to know better!
Would you just LOOK at my sweet baby. She is always so happy and grinin'!!

Sweet sweet smile behind that "tassi". She loves that thing! Anyhow, she did good for our little photo session, however, brother was no where to be found. Little stink!


From Chloe Grace :)

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Anonymous said...

love her dress! So cute!!