Tuesday, September 23, 2008

When dad's in charge........

OHHHHHHHH K......... Have you ever wondered what happens while your ( aka you momma's) not home and dad is in "charge"? Well, Chloe Grace and I had laid down to take a nap on this particular day....and this is what I found on my camera about 3 days later! I'm not sure what this was all about, I guess they are trying new moves for some fashion couture magazine or something!

At least my house was clean!

As I passed each picture, each one became more suprising and just plain odd!! I finally asked who took the pictures, Madi said...."Oh daddy did" ........SOOOOOO ......I asked Timmy what in the WORLD were ya'll doing? He replied " The kids put on a "fashion show" for me" Nikki, where is that big eyed "smiley" face when you need it? LOL

Ethan is so smooth....I think he thinks he is too smooth for his own britches!

Tiffany likes to strut her tattoo on her arm that will not go away because she REFUSES to wash it off. Timmy finally had to tell her to wash the ugly thing off. I just won't even go there!

I must say....Madi expresses her fashion in this form on a daily basis....and yes...I mean to school and anywhere else that she tries to embarrass me I think!

This is the "ghetto" hoodlum pic. OMG This is too much for me!

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