Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas came early this year......

OK OK OKKKKKK!!! I have like the most wonderful news! NO, I'm not pregnant! HA!! SO you know there is a story with everything I have to tell, so here goes. Thanksgiving day was great...REALLLLLY great. My dad's side of the family came over to my house this year for turkey and all the fixin's. There was so much food....but DUH!............ it's Thanksgiving right??!! After eating and looking at the sales paper, me, my brother and hubby, went out to get a C'mas tree. We went with a real one this year for the 1st time ever! I finally gave in to my loving hub :) here is the wonderful news. Later in the afternoon, we went over to Timmy's twin brothers to hang out and sit outside around their new fire pit they got from the in-laws for Christmas. While we were there, I decided to go ahead and give Timmy his 1st present for Christmas. Why would I do that you might ask? Well because, it's for the SAINTS GAME in New Orleans this weekend. HE flipped out!!! He's been knowing for a while that he needed to take off work for December 8th, but that was only to confuse him and not to give it away.
Would you look at that smile?

Looks like a kid in a candy store!!

Can you believe this will be our FIRST Saints game? I cannnnnnnnnnn't wait. We leave Saturday for the Big Easy :)

There is another side of the story........
Little did I know, he had already gotten MY "big" Christmas present. He insisted that I needed to have it now!! I argued that I wanted to wait until C'mas day, yadda yadda ...... but after he bugged the whoooooo out of me , I finally but hesitantly gave in....and GUESS WHAT IT WAS??????!!!!!!


Can you guess by the bag and the CRAZY look on my face? I had no wrapping paper, box or tissue paper to look through this time........he just gave it to me......I believe my exact words here were "ARE YOU SERIOUS??!

Drum roll if you please.......
A NOTE BOOK......but not the paper kind!!! :) SEEEEE????????????
Can I tell happy I was/am?!! I've been asking a really long time for one, but never did I dream that I was going to get one. Our kids have always came 1st, and I just feel that's the way it should be, but God knew my heart and worked it all out for Timmy to be able to get it for me.
May I add...... I don't care if I don't get anything else for C'mas. I am just happier than pig in poop! GLORYYYYYYYYYY! Yes Pastor I went there!!!
I know that's not a good expression, but that's all I could think of at the moment. I LOVE IT!! LOVE IT LOVE IT! Now, if I could learn photo shop I'd be on to something!
Also, that isn't just the best add to it and to make it the best-EST news........ I got the job I applied for!! Isn't God so great!?
MERRY CHRISTMAS 28 days early!


Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

Oh my goodness! Girl!!! You both got awesome gifts! I have never been to a Saints game! I bet y'all will have a blast! I LOVE my laptop! I am sure you will love your's!

CONGRATULATIONS on the job!!! That is so awesome!!! Merry early Christmas! Love y'all!

Anonymous said...

you go girl! :) I am glad you both had an early Christmas!