Saturday, November 29, 2008

A legal form of child "abuse"!

Hello My name is Scout and my friend Chloe Grace is about to get her ears pierced. Her mom was too chicken to get them done by herself, so she asked my mommy to come help her out. Ms. Amy told my mom that she feels that this is about as legal of child abuse as it gets. I think she is crazy myself.....but don't tell her that. When we meet up, Chloe Grace sure was grin'n!! Isn't she cute?.....little does she know what is about to go down!

Nikki, (my mom) takes Chloe Grace in the store and sits down in the chair. Ms. Amy takes me out in the mall to walk around. We looked at the big carousel that went around and around and around. It felt like we were out there FORever!

The lady you see in the picture, she was really nice about getting Chloe Grace's earrings together.....however, I don't believe Chloe thought she was so nice after the first "punch" in the ear!

I remember when I got my ears pierced. I believe I made a face like this when I got mine done. It's rather stressful, but my mom says it's over in a flash, bring a tassi!

Mommy told Ms. Amy that she had to hold Chloe Grace's head down. It looks pretty bad at this point. It's a good thing Ms. Amy had me outside in the mall walking around. I just don't think she would have followed through.

Oh my, oh my!! This doesn't look good!

Whew! It was finally over. Thank goodness. I was tired of watching that carousel go around and around and around. Chloe Grace was ok once she seen her momma, and I think Ms. Amy survived and really liked them after it was all said and done
I tried to explain to her that everything would be ok, but she would need to make sure her momma cleaned her ears realllll good. I love my pretty earrings and I think my friends turned out pretty too. What do you think?


Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

Soooooooooo cute! It's funny that you had to have Nikki hold her! I have to say that I am chicken myself! Annalee's ears still aren't pierced. I think she's going to do it this year(maybe)!

Leslie Ryan said...

AWWWWWW!!! My poor baby!!! I don't blame ya girl I couldn't do it remember when we got Destiny's done me and Moma had to hold her down, I was cryin just as much as she was!! LOL...but they are pretty!!! I'll have to get her some lil earrings for christmas!!! ~LUV~

Leslie Ryan said...

I will gladly take some pics of my neice!! LOL...we just gota find be thinkin of some ideas for her b-day pics!!! ~LUV~