Friday, December 12, 2008

Bitter Sweet

Ever had those very bitter but sweet moments in life? I can't count on one hand how many I've had, but they do come and sometimes I believe that it's just God's hand working in our lives, pushing us into something new and remembering the past.

Well, today is just one of those days for me. Today is the last day at my "old" job. I've been at CenturyTel for almost 5 years now in the Support center. I started in toll, then to the Exceptions team and now in the 911 group. At first thought "OH Lord, what did I get myself into", but over time, I really loved working the functions and working with the people in my groups. I have made some really dear friends that have touched my life in so many ways, and a couple of them who really have become BEST friends to me. They've loved me and cared for me unconditionally through the years.

So where am I going you may wonder. I'm just moving on to something new. It's still within CenturyTel, but I'll be moving over to the Corporate building starting Monday. I am very excited and anxious about working in a new environment and with a new group of people. My hubby is there too and says that it's just a great place to be. We will get to eat lunch together and car pool again. I do miss that time with him.

With that being said, I'll leave leave these few words for them:

I know that God has a very unique and great plan for each one of us, all we have to do is BELIEVE that all things are possible in Him, be obedient and follow. Working here has been such a blessing for me and I will not be able to replace the relationships that I have made. Thank you to all of you that made my life here a littler easier, those who were kind, loving understanding and helped me whenever I needed it. ( which was often). Each one of you have helped me grow in so many different ways, being of great support. I will be forever grateful for those who have made my life a little better each day. I pray that you just continue to be positive, patient and be encourager's for those here now and those that come along just has you have done for me. Thank you for all that you have been in my life for the last 5 years. I wish you many more great days and don't ever be afraid to "get your feet wet". Trust God, be faithful and he will richly bless your life beyond measure. You will truly be missed!

Much love and God bless!



Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

Awwww! I understand that bittersweet feeling. There are huge pros to you working in the same building as Timmy again, as you pointed out. I remember the day that I went and packed up my things after having Bella. It was very bittersweet. I still miss working there. I didn't make any lasting friendships, though, so it wasn't near as hard on me as I'm sure it is for you. You have been so blessed! :)

Michael T. said...

What would Tiffany like for Christmas? Can I get her something? I am glad you get to go to Corporate, But hopeful that you will make even more lasting friendships there than at the other CenturyTel.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are enjoying your new job! :)

Hope you had fun at the dome for the 2nd weekend in a row! :D