Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall Fun in the Sun

Dude! We have been so busy!! Like 5 days a week practices crazy! We have just three more weeks of practice and our last game is on November 6th. Ethan was not a fan of this news!

He LOVES sports. I was a bit hesitant about him playing tackle football this year, but I've actually really had a lot of fun watching him play. He has done really really well, so well that his assistant coach gave him a nickname. He calls him "vacuum" because he is monster at fumble recoveries. That's my boy-a!
T and I were talking one day at a game about the way he walks on the field. He has this certain strut and from the stands I can always tell it's him. I finally figured out that he walks JUST like my daddy. He has those long string bean legs just like his Pop's.

His curly hair on the other hand, I still don't know where it came from. Chloe Grace got it too, but it's not as curly as Ethan's. It needs to be trimmed badly but he has informed me that he doesn't want it cut. Every day it looks like a poofy fro before he goes to school. I don't have the heart to tell him it looks bad :(

I wished that my camera lens had not gotten scratched at the beach :( All the pictures that I have taken are with my Iphone. It's not too bad, but I believe the above picture would have been awesome with the lighting if my camera had not gone to poop.
Down, set, hut!!

I still can't believe that we are almost in the last week of October. WHERE has the month gone, WHERE has the year even gone. It seems the busier I get the more times flies right on by. I'm pooped come the end of the day, EVERY day, but I wouldn't change it for anything. We are making precious memories! I'm looking forward to the upcoming months. One of my most fav-o-rite times of the year. All the holidays, food, friends and family I can get in is the way I like it. Well at least 3 of the four of those anyways!
Until next time.....AU Revoir!

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