Saturday, June 20, 2009

1st Annual Jogging For Jake

Today I had the great privledge of being able to get out for the 1st annual Jogging for Jake! I am so happy that I was able to partcipate in this! Here we all are just hanging out at the start as we wait for the " Ready, Set GOOOOO!!" And we're off!

I met up with this chick while I was running, and now for the life of me can not rememember her name! I hate that!! We kinda were at the same pace so we talked a little while we jogged. It helped to pass the time and the HURT!

It was so stinking HOT outside, but ya know what? I kept asking myself "Why are you doing this Amy?" and self replied " Because Jake, his family and a whole lot of other families went through so much more than just running in the heat!" These families have/had to endure so many many many obsticales, challenges, and gut wrenching heart ache. I ran today in honor Jake, his family and all the other cancer families.

The guy in the blue next to me, can you see him? I'm not sure who he is but he was such great encouragement to me. He came up along the little patch of us runners saying "you can do this, don't stop now", just around the corner...come on....lets go!" so ...."GO" is what I did. I kicked it up in high gear and got after it!

Not far now!

Running, runnin and running...running, runnin and running!

Hot Dog! I see the finish line!

WOOT! Just around the corner now!!

Yes I can do this! I'm doing this!!

Not many steps more to go!

WHEWWWWWWWWW!! I did it! YES! This is a hidious picture of me finishing! Shows just how intense it was and the hair is just plain ole BAD! I did it though! I finished slow, but I FINISHED and I beat my time from my last 5K in Dallas about 2 months ago, so I'm pretty proud of myself, but a tad bit disappointed!

I had to find the air condition ASAP! It was so hot! I sucked that water down like it wasn't no bodies business!

Yeah, I'm smiling, really I am........ but how fake is this!!!?? Hahaa! I was just pooped!
I would just like to thank the Raborn/Massey/Groves family for allowing me to be just a small part of their and Jake's life. He was such a very special little boy that changed so many people lives, and someone I will always hold close to my heart. I will forever support and help in any cause for Jake in every way that I can!
Peace, Love and BELIEVE!!!!!


melanie, aka Mo said...

Awww. What a nice tribute to our Jake! Thank you for running. We had a fun day all the way around. I was so overwhelmed when I first showed up and saw all the people supporting our event/ boy, that I had to go straight to private area and squawl!

How long have you been running? Seeing all of you KINDA made me want to try!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on becoming such a great runner! :) Who chased you around with a camera?


Leslie Ryan said...

I wish I could've ran too...maybe next year after I have all my "work" look so skinny in these pics!!! I am proud of you for working so hard to get where you are and you are an inspiration to me!!!! I love you!!!