Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ethan's K Graduation!

Getting ready in the room!
I look SO thrilled about this wonderful day!!
Walking down like a big man!

Up on the stage I go
I hate when my camera doesn't do good. I need a new one with a really awesome zoom!

Most of the class, still some coming up
Ethan accepting his "diploma" and reading trophy!
Look at me mom!!! I did it! I'm so proud of my trophy!
Who does this kid look like? Sometimes I think it's me, then sometimes its questionable! I love him and SO very proud of him for doing so good this year!
Ethan and his teacher. She said that Ethan is a very smart but active little boy and that she thinks he will be a very good boy next year!

So proud of you man!


Lindsay said...

So sweet! They grow up too fast. He's a handsome little boy!!!

Anonymous said...

I see both of ya'll in each kid! You have to look really hard at David to see me any! ha!
Love all the pictures!It seems like Javin just graduated K, but we finally made it to 3rd grade!