Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mardi Gras Marathon, New Orleans

Well I promised race pictures, but I didn't think that it would take a week to post them. Things have been suppppppper crazy for the Snowbirds lately. Ok, so lets about we start out with this one. Brodey was such a good sport the whole day long. He pretty much stayed like this the whole time.... well, there was just this one time we had to take him out so that we could "sprint" across trail to get to the other side of the trail.......yes while runners were running....and yes...we are crazy!So were in the park, hanging out waiting for the 1st of our group of runners to come through, and before we knew it Greg came running round the curve. We waited and waited and looked and looked for him to come around ,and then in a split second he was RIGHT there. I almost didn't' get the picture he was so fast. Lookin good Greg, looking good...keep it up.

Ok, do you see what I see? Are you thinking what I thought? What is the heck is that kid doing running? Is he running with his dad for support? NO! WAIT, he has a bib on. OH MY old is he? Can't be any more than 10! GEEEZZZ UHMM PETEZZZZZ!

Oh, who is that a coming around the corner? Can you tell which one it is??? Give up, ok, I'll tell ya, Timmy. He was smilin and looking good on mile 6ish I believe. It looked like he was having a really good time. I'm thinking lord, I would not have made it past mile 2!

GO JIMBONI GOOOOOOOOOOOO! I almost missed him too. It's like you wait, looking very closely, then BAM!, They are RIGHT there at you and you almost miss them.

See what I mean. I missed David coming around the corner, but I didn't know what he was wearing to know what too look out for, so it's really not my fault. David, you'll have to let us know what your attire is next time. I'm thinking ya'll should do something really florescent like HOT pink. That would be a good color that would make a BOLD statement! HA!

YEAHHHHH!!!!!!! Greg made it!! We missed him finish which I'm still upset about. We were too busy trying to sprint across the park road in FRONT of runners to get the other side so we could leave the park. I think next time we will think things through a litttttttle more clearly girls!! I'm so sorry Greg!! You did an awesome job and I know that Bro and Laney were so proud. Greg beat his own time by 5 mins. Isn't that right? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I heard that right. Can we get a WHOOOP WHOOOP, you da MAN!!!

Uh ohhhh....look out!! Here he comes, rounding the last curve. The finish line is in're almost there.........

just a little further................

YOU DID IT!!! 13.1 miles. Can you believe that folks???! Thats like driving from West Monroe to North Monroe!! I can NOT believe it. I really was so so soooo super proud of Timmy. There is just something about watching not only him but allll those other people get out there, run and come through that finish line. To me that is just something so inspiring, moving and so encouraging.

13.1!!!! Great job hunny. I love you and am SO very proud of your accomplishment. You have encouraged me in so many ways. Thank you for being the husband that you are.

Ok, so ya'll remember that kid?? Well here he is AFTER he finished the 13.1 miles. I'm still in awe, really. I just am beside myself that a kid got out there, trained and ran that far. I actually found out he was 9 years old and that his dad is a runner. He told a lady that I was talking to, that he was going to run a full marathon in TX. Ain't that just something!!!??

JIMBONIIIIII! You did it. Congratulations to your 6th FULL marathon. Thank you for inspiring Timmy and getting him out there to try this running thang that ya'll do. I know that he really has enjoyed the time and the experience. Pretty soon ya'll will be racing against each other for the best time. Watch out!

6 FULL marathons. That is...let me get the calculator....ok that is 157.2 miles!!!!!!

Congratulations guys. Ya'll did an awesome job.

Last but not least, DAVID!!! Hallelujah you made it!!!! Congrats!!! How many does this make for you now?? I'm glad that we waited around to watch you finish. Sharon, we missed you this time. :(

LOL, Isn't this just funny??

So, how was our first experience you may wonder?? Well, I must confess, the week before the race I made the comment to David that I was NOT a runner and had no desire what so ever to get out there run, but after seeing all those people get together, there was something inside of me that wanted to do it. I know, call me crazy!!! I think I just want to prove to myself that I can do it. I may not be able to do a full or even a 1/2 marathon right now, but I can set a goal for a 5K and see where it takes me.

Anyone want to join me?

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Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

I love these pictures! It looks like y'all had a blast! Those guys are determined and committed, aren't they? I think it is wonderful that they are running and doing marathons together.