Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Scout!!!

Saturday we went to celebrate one of my very best friend's little girl's birthday. Scout turned 1 years old! Her and Chloe Grace are exactly 10 days apart.

Isn't she a cutie patootie. It took her a minute to figure out what exactly she was supposed to do with the cupcake, but after mom helped her out, she got after it!

I love this little outfit on her, and not because I made it, but because the colors are perfect for her. She is such a little spit fire! She looked really interested in the card. I would too if I knew there was money in it!

Sweet Sweet Scout. I wish you many many more fun days and Happy Birthdays. You and Chloe Grace will develop such sweet relationships like your mommy and I have. Love your sisters and be a good girl!

Love you bunches!!

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