Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Influenster #TLCVoxBox

YAY! I was so excited to get the email  from +Influenster that I was chosen for the #TLCVoxBox. After waiting for what seemed like FOREVER (not really but felt like it), I finally received it in the mail! Let me take you through what I got!

Avon Anew Reversalist @Avoninsider #AvonANEW
 I'm all about trying new beauty products especially ones that help fight the aging process! I've been using Avon products for years. My mom bought my first basic make up set from Avon. Ok, so here is my review. Love this stuff! It goes on very smoothly and works better than a concealer. I'm only 32, but I do have a few creases on the side of my eyes and forehead. After using the Reversalist they were noticeably lighter. Two thumbs up! 
I'm not a big fan of bar soap. I have really dry skin so I tend to lean towards body washes with moisturizers. I don't have any plans in using this for myself per say, but I do plan on trying it out in making some homemade laundry detergent! #Sudlife 
Who doesn't like rewards!?! This was an awesome treat to have recieved in this box! 
With having a SUV, gas can get so expensive! Most of the time, I purchase my fuel at  Wal-Mart because you can purchase a gift card so that I can get those few extra pennies off when filling up. I was excited to read and find that not only will you be saving on your gas purchases with +Shell  #FuelRewards, this rewards program allows points towards other purchases such as dining out and shopping! Woot! Excited to start earning those points for more free stuff! 

ANY time a company that has great quality products makes something that makes life a bit easier, it's a win win in my book. We are a family that is always on the go so when I found this nifty Neosporin #NeoReady product in my #TLCVoxBox I was happy happy happy. The one thing I've been meaning to do for years now, is to keep a basic first aid kit in my car. My kiddos are involved in a lot of sports so there is always a chance for a bump, scrape or bruise. This would be an awesome addition to my first aid kit. I like sprays over lotions or creams because they dry fast and less of a mess! 
As I mentioned before we are a family on the go and with kids, these are a no brainer to have! @Puffs #PassthePuffs tissue products are a must in the winter season around our house! I like that these are small enough to fit in my purse or backpack for my kids. The really big plus is that they have lotion in them, which makes your skin feel less dry and irritated! 
I saved THE BEST for last! I've been seeing this product advertised on TV for a little bit now but wasn't sure I would like it. I'm kinda picky when it comes to ice cream. Some brands have a bad artificial taste to them or they lack the right consistency for my liking. Since I received a FREE coupon for Gelato Indulgences +Breyers US #GelatoLove I decided to give it a whirl. With caramel being my favorite filling/topping on ice cream, I picked the Vanilla Caramel flavor. I must say, I was so happy that I tried it! This stuff is so creamy and DEL-LI-CIOUS! Defiantly worth sharing a spoon with someone, but I think I'll keep it all for myself! ;) 
I'm so happy that I was introduced to +Influenster! I've gotten so many great things and it's all been for FREE! 

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