Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Brotherly Love

So I just about had a complete GOOD melt down because of something so simple. Does it ever amaze you just how God works?!??! Sometimes I just sit in awe of His goodness and faithfulness. He’s ALWAYS right on time never missing a beat.

I’m sure that every sibling relationship is different. Some are really close, not so close, or in the middle. My bother and I are kinda in the middle. I am the older one of the two of us and a little more mature. Growing up I was the “mother hen” and he was my little “chick” He was very quiet and to himself a lot. I on the other hand was loud and always getting into something, imagine that! We just really are on two different levels in the terms of life, goals and what we wanted in life. We try talk at least every other week, even if it’s just a quick “Hey”. He is very close to my heart and I love him so much. Sometimes I don’t think I tell him enough, but I make sure that I tell him before we get off the phone or as he is leaving that I love him.

Today, he surprised me with something so simple but brought such joy to my heart. To be honest, I was really surprised and had to do a double take. So, do you want to know what happened?

I got a text from him saying this “ Whatcha doing? Just wrote to say that you’re the best sister that I could ever have got. Love you bunches and know that God loves you to.”

How special is that?!!

Thank you Father God for your love, your faithfulness and for giving me such a special loving brother!


Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

So sweet! Brotherly love is such a great thing.

Are you able to comment on Sheila's blog? I don't know what the problem is, but I cannot see the word verification, it just says loading, so it will not let me comment! So aggravating! lol

RADstitches said...

I completely understand where you are coming from!!! The little things are the best!

Sherri said...

That gave me sweet! I am so close to my sisters but just don't have as much to do with my brother. It isn't that I don't love him, but he is just so much younger. I grew up with my sisters. My dad married my brother's mom and adopted him when we were graduating high school. On the rare times when I really get to sit and talk with him, it is amazing to me. It would mean a lot to me to get a note like that from him.