Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hey ya'll it's finally Fall!!

WHEWW! Thanks goodness if finally fall down here in the good ole south! From the way it sounds, you'd think we just had an awful summer but surprisingly, it wasn't all that bad for Louisiana!! Since this IS the first week of fall, starting it off right with much cooler weather ranging in the 70's, I might add......I've decided to take a venture back into last year for some fall family pictures that we took. I love taking pictures but love looking back on those pictures even more. It really blows my mind to see how my babies have grown and matured and then I think about how different they are in just about every way. I am so very blessed to have my family! So hereeee we go!
My handsome man. I absolutely LOVE this picture of him! Shows so much of his personality without saying a single word!

As you know, it's hard getting a little one to look at the camera and "cheese" so this was our attempt to get her to do just that. I think it worked!
Last year was Chloe Grace's 1st Christmas and this was her outfit. I just love the smocked dresses!
My "little" girls. I can get over how much they have grown over this past year. Madi is just about as tall as me now and tries to wear all my clothes and Tiffany is certainly right behind her!

One thing that just keeps getting better and better as she grows is that Chloe Grace is so stinking sweet! She will just want you to hold her, all the while patting and "loving" on you. It's the most wonderful thing. She is "talking" a lot more these days and has a mouth full of teeth which she uses a LOT! She loves all her siblings and can not get enough of her momma!

Thank goodness for weight watchers AND the gym is all I gotta say! LOL Really, I love this picture of all of us. Ethan again showing is personality.

My girls!
I really dig photo shop because it does cool things like this to photo's. I now have it but it's so dang hard to figure out. I need to seriously take a class so I can use it!

Myself and my woo. If I remember correctly,I call her that because she would make that pitiful "woo" sound when she was teeny tiny so I think it just stuck with me and I've always called her that.

Daddy and his handsome boy! Ethan INSISTED that he must get on dad's back for one picture! After that we couldn't' get him off!
I can't believe we got them all to smile at the same time in this one!

My BEAUTIFUL girls again. I really am happy about the way this one turned out!

Chloe Grace...enough said! Isn't she just a doll?

This is Ethan ALL the time. He is full of energy and loves life. He runs around in nothing but his dunk-a-roos all over the house without a care in the world. He is so bright, witty and sometimes can just be a plain ole smarty pants, but I think he gets that honest!!!
I hope you have enjoyed these pics as much as I have. I plan to take another set of pictures this fall and then we can compare just how much we all have "lost" and grown over the past year. God has truly blessed us!

Happy Fall Ya'll!!!

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