Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Angels' Surprise Birthday Party

Well I know what you're all saying! "Well hello stranger, it's about time!" Whew, I can not tell you how overloaded my plate has been these last couple of months but at least it's been overloaded with fun times and things like this!!
Last night we celebrated a wonderful woman and dear friend of mine birthday! It was a surprise party and if any of you know this woman, it's hard to keep any "surprise" from her. She is rather the pester-er and determined type!

This was her really pretty and "DIVA-LISH-US" cake! Angels' beautiful daughters, Hanna and Becka had to work pretty hard at keeping all this a secret....oh and her hubby too! The party location was at the Turner's (Angel's brother's house) and right down the road we have another friend who said we could all park at their house, SO EVERYBODY, like all 30 something of us, parked down at their house. Boy was that drama!?! Can I get and AMEN?!! Their next door neighbor ( of our friend's house) was not at ALL happy that we were parking on HIS grass and on the road in front of HIS house. As not funny as it was, it was pretty funny and good conversation of the night!
Chloe Grace showed up in a very "diva" and might I add, matching outfit for the occasion. Can you believe that this little toot will be 19 mths on the 14th? UGH! The times do fly by so quickly!

Here are the two of us. I do love my sweet baby girl!

Bro Bro and his beautiful blue eyes, soaking it all in and checking things out!

We all had to get ready for her to get there. Our instructions were that we were to all hide in the kitchen and the back and be quiet so she would not hear us!
We all just kinda hung out and talked while we waited for the que!!!
Becka at the "front of the line" ready to snap some pics of her momma coming through the door!

We have soooooooooooo many really great friends and "family" that surround us. I am really very thankful and blessed for all the relationships that we have built with these special people. They truly are like our family and we love them dearly!

HA! Kevin, well lets just say this one is quiet "wise" guy. He is just one of the many "Class Clowns" that we have at LCWM. I guess he is a pretty good guy! He is really good with the youth and does have a big heart for God and His people!

Kevin, I told you not to mess with me! LOL
I do believe she was quite surprised! There were like a million of us that came "herding" out of the kitchen. It was pretty funny!

Yes this is my son....with all his good "learnin" that he gets from is momma and this is what I get outta him!

Chloe Grace is really big into the "bunn bunn's" here lately...Uhmmm Santa Clause........
There were so many people that showed up to celebrate this special day. Here is her husband, Joel, AKA Pastor, her oldest daughter Hanna and her father.

We all gathered around to get ready to sing Happy Birthday and to see Angel blow out her candles!

4? Why are there only four candles here?

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Angel, Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
Make a wish!

URRRRHMMMM......I wonder who's piece of cake this belongs to???

This chick got LOADED up with some really sweet goodies, and I don't mean chocolate! Wait, yes I do, she even got the GOOD know that Godiva kind? YUMMO!

Happy Birthday Angel. You are such a beautiful, special, wonderful, kind, loving, God fearing, inspiring, dedicated, great, passionate woman that has given so many of us other chicks hope and encouragement in life.

We love you and wish you many many more glorious, sweet and awesome years to come!

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Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

It was a blast to do this! There were only 4 candles(10 years per candle), because the girls forgot candles and I only had 9! lol :)