Thursday, April 2, 2009

Walking??? What?

OK, so brace yourself for some cuteness!! Can you tell what this post is going to be about?! My sweet dumplin has hit yet another mile stone. Last week around Friday I believe, she just decided that she was no longer going to crawl, so up she went and away she goes! She also is a very brave lil toot! She is not afraid of trying to climb onto everything, including this rocking chair!

Along with walking and climbin she also can put away some grub. This lil heifer will not eat jar baby food anymore, with the exception of the fruit and mixed cereal. She is all about her pot pies, chicken nuggets, peas, pizza, cookies, mashed potatoes, and french fries.

Oh, check this out!! I picked up this bag at the dollar store. It had some funky giraffe on it that was not cute at all! SO, what did I do? I took it and had it monogrammed with this really cute butterfly and her name!

Just love the way it turned out. Not bad for 12 bucks uh??

Here is the evidence that she is walking. We went to my dad's house this past Sunday for lunch with the fam and this is what she did the WHOLE time!

Would you look at the excitement in this chicks face. She is just eatin it up! She thinks she is so big!

She has started carryin her baby doll and woobie around the house. I just think that is so sweet. Every little girl needs their baby doll and blanket! Maybe when we take the tassie it won't be so bad with the other securities

She loves dogs and not afraid of them one bit. This was my dad's girlfriend's mom's dog. That's a mouth full! Anywho, he is a Pomeranian but shaved so he looks more like a fat Chiwawa!

There's that tassie and blankey!
You see that little fat stomach. That child ate and ate and ate that day! If any of you know what the Snow appetite is like then you will know that nothing around the Snow house will go to waste!
Just a little side note, in additon to walking, she is also saying Thank you, aaahhh wweeeee, no no, mommy, daddu, Ma Ma (madi), EEEEEEEEEE (Ethan) dog, and ish (fish).
I'm so proud of my baby girl. I will try to post a video of her walking when she is in a good mood, she is usually cranky by the time we get home.
Anywho, chow for now!

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl! I just had time to catch up on all your pictures! I love them! So glad everyone is well and doing so good!