Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Looky Looky at my toofy!

OK....HEREEEEEE it is. Can can you see them? I know back a little while ago I was saying almost the same thing, but we were deceived! This time folks is the real thang! ! Presenting these two beauties was not an easy task as you can see, but we did it! Time for some good ole nubbin biscuits and cookies!
Chloe Grace is 8 months old today ( by date) I can't believe how much she has grown. It seems that each day she does something new. We still are not crawling, but had to lower the bed this Sunday! :( I told my sister in law ( who is due to have lil Ann Marie in 5 weeks) that she needed to hurry up and get her here because I was getting baby fever! Ain't I crazy...somebody slap me!

OH and just to mention....JUST because she has a LSU outfit on doesn't mean she is a boy! HELLOOOOO see the bow?!
Anywho....she has such a sweet smile don't you think? She just loves to play with her brother and sisters. She really thinks her brother is the silliest thing EVER!

See that sweet smile behind that tassy? I believe we will have problems trying to pry this thing away in the future, we will worry about that for now...IT'S A MUST HAVE!

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