Wednesday, August 20, 2008

60 years and counting!

Ok, so I'll think I'll close this particular post with this picture of sweet Chloe Grace. I did not take this picture on the same day, but I had to add it. I thought it was worth sharing. Such a sweet baby!

Can we say....Dorkfish! LOL I love him though...still my favorite brother!
This is my brother Anthony (what you can see of him, I'll get a better one in a sec) Anywho, aka Uncle Bubba. He and Ethan have a very special relationship. My brother is still young and not looking to make a family anytime soon, so he is still just a big kid. Ethan is always hanging all over him and doing silly stuff like this!

We'll let "pea-paw" still a little glory here. How sweet is this picture?! He calls her his lil tator cute uh!?

And now for the whole clan! Well almost, we're missing a few.....

Mamaw always is fussin' because we don't get down there much....I guess I would rightly have to agree if I were missing out on this little pretty girl!

Here are the two love birds now! Two peas in a pod don't ya think!?! On this day, we were headed to Mer Rouge. My grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary! Yep! I said it....60 blissful years! I pray that God blesses Timmy and I with that many years, or should I say that many years without killing each other! LOL Just kidding sweety! I love you <3

I feel lost now, its been so long since I blogged! Ok, so let see...We'll start with these. This is Chloe Grace and her daddy sleeping. I love this picture because Chloe Grace looks so peaceful and content :) She loves her daddy!

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