Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Some more 1st timers!

This past week Chloe Grace had a couple of her "1st's" We had VBS and momma had to teach crafts, so tator bug (aka) Chloe Grace went to the nusery! A 1st! She had a really good time playing with Jada and looky looky....she's in the walker ( another 1st). She scooted backwards a lot and was VERY interested in all the pretty pretty's that were attached. Precious!

Momma bought me this fish and I luvs it. I give it lots and lots of "kisses" See....just like this! :)

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crzyranfan01 said...

Look at my baby how sweeeeeetttt!!! LOL...I'm gona get those pics developed next week that I took of her at the house that day...we need to get her pics done soon!!! Give her a big kiss from her Aunt Hiney Bo!! LOL!! ~LUV~