Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Great Pumpkin!

Hello there! I have SO many blogs postings that I want to get out, soooo to keep all of them in the correct order, I'll start with this one. Last Wednesday, I went with my sweet man to the Pumpkin Patch. Last year while he was in Pre-k I was able to go with him then and he ABSOLUTELY had a fit. He thought it was the greatest thing, so he was really excited about going back this time. The kids really got a kick out of the lady pulling all the "guts" out the pumpkin. They were all so fascinated that you could put those "guts" in the ground and new pumpkins would grow!

SEE the guts in her hand? Did you know that you could roast pumpkin seeds and eat them? I have never tried this, but think I might.

I rarely get to take pictures with my kids. I'm always the one holding the camera. You who blog know this all too well. I need to invest in one of the fancy smancy Mac computers like Mo has so I can use photo booth. That looks like a lot of fun.

One of the things that I really love about the pumpkin patch is that they have lots of great props for taking pictures. I tried to get him to stand, sit, pose and smile on each one of with any kid, he was more interested in trying to pick the pumpkins up and roll them around...eeesh!

Here, a maze was assemble with the pumpkins. The volunteers at the patch told us that if you were in the sky and were to look down you would see the shape of a large pumpkin. I thought that was very clever. The kiddo's were encouraged to go around and feel the different kinds of pumpkins. Some were white, and pink...YES pink!!...and then there were some that had "warts" and "chicken pox".... as seen in this photo.

Can you tell that something has really got his attention? NOT only his attention, but the other rascals sitting around him....wonder what it could be?

AHHHHH STORY TIME! This kind lady sat down to read them a story. It was a little book about a black cat playing hide and go seek. Each page had a pop up. When you opened the flap, there the cat appeared. The kids loved trying to guess where the cat was hiding, but each time they got it right! Smart little things they are!

AND not to save the best for last, but really it is. Check out these cool orange cream Ore's. The kids only got one. I really kinda feel this is not so fair. It's really just a teaser. HOW in the world can you have ONLY one? Ethan took pride in the one cookie! Savoring each and ever layer. See!!

This is after the fact....that cookie was soooo good, he made sure he saved some for later. Would you look at those beautiful baby blues!!??

I hope that that while the leaves continue to change color, the temperature gets a little cooler, and the feel of the holidays starts to come, that you will take a few moments each day to thank God for the many blessings that He has provided. Every day may not seem like the grandest day, but remember that TODAY is the day the Lord has made. Seek him and cherish every moment. Make sure you hug and kiss your family and let them know how much you love them :) You never know what each season will bring.
God Bless!

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