Thursday, September 11, 2008

Building Sweet Relationships

So this is our dog Brutus. He is a miniature Schnauzer, but he's NOT so miniature. About a year or so ago, Timmy decided that we needed a dog for the he went a searching. The sweet lady that had him just gave him to us because he was the last of the litter. He was a bit larger than what people consider miniature, but that didn't matter the Timmy. So, he loaded him up and brought him on home. He is a such a sweet, calm, protective dog. Isn't he cute?!
I believe there is a sweet relationship growing with these two. Chloe sat in the floor with Brutus. I was kinda weary on what he would do, but he just sat so contently with her....EVEN when she just about pulled his hair out!
Ahwww weeeeee....... Well, hey there little fella! Can I stick my hand in your mouth? Let's see!

She was so curious about him. She would look at me then look at Brutus, like "what's this momma?" Brutus would just sit there and let her do her thang!

I'm so happy that we have a dog that is so sweet and loving. He is very protective of the kids and loves for them to play with him. HOWEVER, we are not taking any more donations at this time!


Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

So sweet!!! Brutus looks like a sweet dog. I'm scared to get our dogs around Bella. They are very rambunctious.

Anonymous said...

How precious! That is the kind of dog I had at my dad's house growing up. I want one so bad.. but I guess I have to learn how to get use to baby first! Of course, Jeremy wants a lab! Outside dog can we say.. snouzer on inside. :)